Online texts are read more carefully than newspaper texts.

    Online texts are better read than newspaper texts. They are often read to the end, and the reader learns more information. This unexpected discovery was made by American researchers from the Florida School of Journalism.

    A EyeTrack07 study conducted by the Poynter Institute School of Journalism found that on the Internet the reader reads 77% of the text selected for reading, while in an ordinary newspaper of the A2 format this figure is 62%, and in the A3 tabloid, only 57%.

    The results surprised the researchers quite a lot, because before, many believed that reading text from the screen was more difficult than from paper. This is nothing more than a common myth.

    This study of the perception of the text was the first in the world, conducted on such a scale and with such objectivity. A representative sample was 600 respondents. Each subject could read anything, and his behavior was monitored using a miniature video camera.

    A survey of users on the contents of the texts also revealed that the information is 15-30% better perceived if it is presented in an alternative manner (question-answer, chronology, list), and not in the traditional narrative form.

    via Reuters

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