Kodak Gallery service will be closed on July 2

    Unfortunately, Kodak is getting worse and worse. Earlier, the news was published that this company filed for bankruptcy. Now the company’s management sells resources that sometimes cost a lot of money to raise additional funds. The well-known Kodak Gallery service, where you could store photos, share them with other users, order prints, was sold to Shutterfly for $ 23.8 million.

    It is clear that the resource itself will become part of the services of the buyer company, so Kodak Gallery users are left with nothing. Kodak Gallery will be closed on July 2, 2012. The good news for users is that their accounts will be transferred from Kodak Gallery to Shutterfly, most of the data will also be transferred. If you wish, you can download your data to a PC, and close your account so that it is not transferred to Shutterfly.

    This can be done only until May 28, so it’s worth the haste. Users who decide to transfer their accounts to Shutterfly will be able to transfer all photos for free, but all sorts of photo albums and calendars must be completed and purchased before July 2. Otherwise they will be deleted. So far, Kodak has not decided whether ready-made photo albums, group albums, and other items will be available after the site closes. Users will be notified later.

    As for users of Kodak Gallery Europe, so far all these changes will not affect them, so there is nothing to worry about. To close your account, you need to save all the photos on a local PC, complete all projects, go to the page and click on “Click here to opt out.”

    Via kodakgallery

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