IBM intends to cut several thousand employees in the German branch

    Even big companies like IBM have problems. In Europe, the largest branch of this company is the German branch, and it is there that they are going to cut staff. Currently, about 20 thousand people work in this department, which is a lot. The leadership of IBM is going to reduce immediately 8 thousand people, i.e. 40%, which is very much.

    Unfortunately, there is no detailed information on the planned transformations within the company. It is known that the European branches of the corporation are suffering due to European financial and economic problems, and are trying to find a way out of this situation. So far, the decisions are quite ordinary - because reductions help save a significant amount of money, including what was usually spent on salaries, social needs, insurance, etc.

    Some "anonymous sources" claim that the company has long conceived of a series of transformations, and some of them are not at all connected with the crisis. The overall transformation plan IBM even got its own name - Liquid. This plan is aimed primarily at making the organization more flexible, hence the name is. But it’s clear that many people, including European politicians, are opposed to the plan, which provides for such staff reductions.

    Probably, reductions will not be carried out simultaneously, and staff reductions will be carried out slowly, over time.

    The Liquid plan aims not only to make the company more flexible (and with a staff of half a million people this is not always possible), but also to increase the economic efficiency of the work. In any case, the transformation will be carried out, and the new head of the corporation is going to implement this plan in the near future.

    Via bloomberg

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