Newspapers, turn off your RSS!

    Malcolm Coles writes that most British newspapers, with the exception of a couple of cases, need to turn off their RSS feeds and switch to using Twitter.

    Among the advantages of Twitter, he calls the following:
    • it’s easier to track that retweets , respectively, easier to determine what is popular with readers
    • 140 characters can put more information than just the title
    • retweeting your material, followers unwittingly contribute to the advertising of your newspaper
    • there it is easier to show the development of the event
    • there it is easier to expand the dialogue with the reader

    In addition, Malcolm writes that newspapers poorly promote their feeds - they put icons in less visible places, do not offer subscription actively and contextually, do not have special pages for feeds, and generally have little faith in RSS. Newspapers themselves recognize this. However, Malcolm uses Google Reader data as a source of data for such conclusions, and he himself admits that relying on this data is very reckless.

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