Twitter accused of "arbitrary and unfair" personnel policy

    genderAnother sexist scandal involving Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers venture company has not yet died out , and a new one flares up on the western IT Olympus.

    According to Business Insider , a former Twitter employee, Tina Huang, is proposing a class action lawsuit alleging that the former employer has a complex incentive system that unfairly favors male employees.

    In the text of the complaint, the employee’s lawyers describe the refusal of promotion in 2013.

    According to the lawsuit, in the hierarchy of the engineering department there are eight permanent vacancies, supposedly intended to attract interest in working on Twitter, which do not necessarily reflect the actual vacancies. Moreover, current employees cannot apply for them.

    Special is the promotion mechanism itself. An employee who wishes to be nominated, must be approved by the manager, after which a decision is made by a commission.

    Ms. Huang’s complaint consists mainly in the fact that the process proceeded without any feedback. At the same time, she herself was on forced leave and was removed from all current projects. In the meantime, despite positive reviews about her work, the company tried in every possible way to denigrate her name in order to refuse promotion.

    The lawsuit also states that after the refusal and complaint, information about the initial complaint was circulated in the bowels of the company, which could affect the attitude of colleagues.

    As additional information, it is indicated that as of 2009, the company has 164 employees of engineers, a total of seven women, and each of the 22 senior technical experts over the claimant was male.

    The press service of Twitter denies any attacks, and states that Ms. Huang resigned of her own free will, despite all the persuasions to stay. At the same time, the company hopes that the investigation will show the inconsistency of such allegations against them.

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