March 19, the government will discuss the sovereignty of Runet

    On Thursday, March 19, a meeting of the Government of the Russian Federation is planned, at which they will discuss the proposals of the Ministry of Communications to ensure the sovereignty of the Runet, Forbes magazine reports citing federal sources. The Minister of Communications Nikolay Nikiforov will make a report on this topic.

    For several months, these proposals were actively discussed in the professional community and by Russian users as a whole.

    As far back as last fall in South Korea, at a conference of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), Nikiforov raised issues of national sovereignty in the global network and called on the international community to create a special convention on network management.

    “There are great risks of deliberate disruption of the operation of national network segments or a complete disconnection of countries from the Internet without explanation and without reference to international law,” the minister warned.

    The fact is that theoretically the international corporation ICANN (Internet regulator), registered in the USA, really has the ability to disable any national segment of the network.

    In September last year, there was a discussion in government circles about what to do if such a disconnection occurs. “Various options are being considered, how to make sure that nothing, under any circumstances, is turned off, so that our partners do not behave,” Nikiforov explained .

    According to experts, the most effective measure in this situation may be the movement of DNS servers to the territory of Russia.

    However, the head of state clearly outlined the position of the authorities on this issue: “I want to emphasize that we do not intend to restrict access to the network, put it under total control, or“ state ”the Internet.”

    The general director of the Internet Technical Center company Alexei Platonov believes that it is not profitable for anyone to disconnect certain segments of the global network or pull the Internet apart. “This will mean the end of the concept of a single and indivisible Internet, as we used to see it,” Platonov notes.

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