10 tips for an HR professional

On Habré there have already been articles on the topic “How HR will like”, “How to write a resume correctly so that HR will like”, but there haven’t been (or haven’t seen) articles on the topic “How HR will be liked by a job applicant” or “ What should HR be like to be remembered. ” Actually, this prompted the idea to write "10 tips for an HR specialist." Naturally, all of the following reflects my personal opinion and may not coincide with the generally accepted.


  1. Never monitor the resources where you posted an ad to find a new employee.
    Really, why? Let him make his own way from, for example, hh.ru to a hidden and not updated page "vacancies" on the company's website. And if the vacancy is no longer valid - do not rush to remove the advertisement.
  2. Never reply immediately after receiving a response! Let the applicant understand the importance of your work, let him torment, notice his resume or not. You’re so busy that you don’t want to break away from your favorite social networks for the sake of not understanding anyone.
  3. If you already answered, then do not tell right away exactly who you need - let the fog and significance!
  4. If the applicant does not want to run away from you in any way - give him a test task, which will take a lot of time to complete! Moreover, give the task even if the candidate has already been determined, what if he writes something interesting?
  5. Asks clarifying questions? Will cost! Let him do as it is written in the assignment!
  6. Sent a completed assignment? Take your time to confirm receipt (see clause 2)
  7. Delay consideration of the assignment for a couple of days, you never know ...
  8. If everything is already clear with the candidate - do not rush to tell him about it! And if your decision is rejected, you don’t have to write at all, think, a big shot is not enough - it will cost.
  9. Have you decided to write about the impossibility of cooperation? Try to do it in the most official style - let him know his place.
  10. Wrote a review about your “work” on a well-known resource? Blacklisted this! Oh, he doesn’t like it.

Dear HRs, having fulfilled these simple recommendations, you will forever conquer the disgust in the hearts of applicants, and they certainly will never recommend anyone to go to your company and you will not have to make so many unnecessary gestures. Also, they will not recommend placing orders at your company - you will render a service to your colleagues. Of course, supplement this list with your best practices.

And now a little more serious. Do you think all of these recommendations are so obvious? Alas, as it turned out, not at all. More recently, I talked with employees of the Minsk branch of Yandex and it seemed that they had long known and successfully put into practice many of these tips. I don’t see much point in telling a story or giving names - if they read, I hope it will be a little embarrassing and in the future they will be more professional in their duties.

And in order not to end on a sad note - fortunately, there are wonderful companies that employ exceptional HRs who have time to promptly and correctly respond to all letters / questions that are pleasant to communicate with and on business and just like that.

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