How Search Query Helps Increase Conversion by 65%


    The fact that using personalization has a positive effect on conversion is no longer a secret. You can use this method when working with contextual advertising, email newsletters, and more recently, to increase the number of phone calls to customers.

    In our today's topic, we will talk about how personalizing a widget for ordering a callback can increase conversion by tens of percent.

    Show what the client is looking for

    Various studies have shown that the presence of a personal offer in the heading of an advertisement or in the subject of an email significantly increases the CTR and the percentage of opening letters (open rate).

    That is, if a person is looking for “urgent tailoring of a man’s suit to order in Moscow”, then an advertisement containing this key request will work best:


    There are several ways to use this approach, among them multi-landing, geo-targeting and multi-widgets to order the opposite call. Today we will take a closer look at the last option.

    Give what you need and call back

    Quite often, a phone call may turn out to be a preferable way of communication for a potential client - a consultant can quickly answer questions that have arisen, which means that a person will not have to study the site in search of answers to them and spend time on it. Therefore, a call can be an extremely effective means of sale if you know who to call.

    In order to determine the most targeted of all site visitors, the use of engagement points is an excellent option. They are set based on an assessment of 9 behavioral factors (we wrote more about this in our last topic ).

    If such visitors at the most suitable time for this (the 4 most promising scenarios we also discussed in the previous article), then we can count on a two-digit conversion.

    This result is good in itself, but it can be further improved by using the information about the referral source and the key request entered by the client. For example, our widget can automatically change the text in the window of the callback offer, depending on what the user was looking for before entering the site.

    For one of the tourism projects, this approach helped to increase conversion by 65%. At the same time, nothing changed on the site itself, the widget simply appeared at the right time and was shown to the most promising visitors.


    What is convenient, the company managers who will communicate with the client do not even have to call them themselves - you just need to manage to answer incoming calls that the widget "organizes".

    In addition, client managers can receive all the information about him online - where did the person come from, by what request, what pages he looked at, and what he was interested in. This helps to build a conversation and offer a person exactly what he needs.


    A phone call, coupled with new technological tools, can be of great benefit to business. And if personalization is still used, then the conversion can increase by tens of percent in a matter of days, and the profit can increase significantly.

    That's all for today! Thank you for your attention, we will be happy to answer questions in the comments.

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