JPMorgan, the oldest investment company, is buying shares of offshore developers with post-Soviet roots: Epam and Luxoft

    JPMorgan Chase bought a 6.6% stake in Epam Systems, a company founded by immigrants from Belarus. The cost of the package at the moment is $ 195 million. Earlier, the investment company acquired a 4.5% stake in Luxoft - today they cost $ 75 million.


    Epam Systems is a software development and consulting company. The company was founded in 1993 by Arkady Dobkin and Leonid Lozner, and its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange took place in 2012. In 2010, the company's annual turnover exceeded $ 200 million, in 2013 - amounted to $ 555 million. As of June 2014, the company was worth $ 2.14 billion. Money was invested in Epam by Waddell & Reed, Fidelity Managment & Research, Pennant Capital. The other day it became knownJPMorgan, the oldest investment company formed in 1799, has become Epam’s new investor.

    Previously, JPMorgan invested in the Russian Luxoft , which has been developing software since 2000. The subject of the transaction was a package of 4.5% of shares, the value of which is now $ 75 million.

    Sberbank CIB notes that both companies have experience and knowledge in the development of interfaces, cloud technologies, big data, e-commerce, mobile applications - experts predict revenue growth of 18-21% per year in the next three years.

    Dynamics of Luxoft shares for the year


    Dynamics of Epam shares for the year


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