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Original author: Rocco Baldassarre
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According to the Statista service, more than a billion people bought something over the Internet, which is 40 percent of the number of Internet users. In addition to attracting this part of users, the goal of the e-commerce business is to increase its market share and get as many visitors as possible into buyers.

Here are five strategies to help you convert more visitors to customers:

Launch a campaign in Google AdWords

Shopping campaigns are very effective and usually work much better than search campaigns. This is due to the fact that people are able to compare prices directly on the search results page and, therefore, each click most likely converts the visitor into a buyer. In addition, people will see the product, which increases the number of customers.


Based on the fact that shopping campaigns generate website traffic. You can increase the effectiveness of this method by re-organizing the campaign for those who visited the site but did not become a buyer. These visitors are more likely to become buyers on their second visit because they already know your brand.

All you have to do is create an offer for website visitors who have not yet become buyers. Using the capabilities of Google Analytics, you can create a remarketing campaign for visitors who visited your site through a previous campaign.

Careful and lengthy price research

The pricing strategy for your products is critical to the success of the online store. The more your products are standardized, the more people will be price sensitive before buying. Make it a weekly task to research the current market prices of your products.

It is also worthwhile to find a price that will increase sales and profits by checking several prices of successful points. This process is hindered by the volatility of prices in the market, which is created by competitors who are trying to get part of the market share.

Engage mobile users

Traffic from mobile devices is constantly growing and, in many cases, it is cheaper than traffic from desktop devices. This creates a need for websites that target visitors with mobile devices that use a small screen, which makes filling out forms and pages less convenient. It is important to create a mobile website that makes the purchase as easy as possible. The easier this process is, the more sales you make.

Publish only the necessary information and tell users how much time they need to buy something using mobile devices. Thus, they will not feel discouraged.

Give users the ability to buy without registering

Do not force your customers to register before purchasing. You must give customers the opportunity to buy as a guest on your website and then offer to register after payment.

Monitoring unregistered users will allow you to remove any potential obstacle between you and new customers.

Managing an e-commerce campaign is not just about traffic. There are many more factors to consider and strategize. Each business has its own unique situation, but the 5 above strategies will help you take steps in the right direction.

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