Runa Capital Investment Fund invested in MariaDB DBMS

    Runa Capital invests 3 million euros in the Finnish company MariaDB. According to CNEWS , this company is currently developing the database management system of the same name. Experts believe that this DBMS is one of the most promising "heirs" of the MySQL DBMS.

    Note that this investment became known only now, however, the management of MariaDB left a place for Runa Capital as an investor a couple of years ago. This was done in order to wait for the formation and filling of the Runa Capital II fund, the process that began this summer. In other words, the current investment may be considered to be related to the 2013 MariaDB funding round. Then co-investors were companies such as Intel Capital, Spintop Ventures, Open Ocean, Finnish Industry Investment and California Technology Ventures. The total contribution of the consortium at MariaDB was about $ 20 million.

    In addition, the company received another 6.5 million US dollars from Open Ocean, Finnish Industry Investment and California Technology Ventures in spring 2012 and $ 2 million in seed investments in 2010.

    As for the DBMS itself, MariaDB, as mentioned above, is the successor of MySQL, a database management system with a difficult path of formation. So, MySQL has been created since the end of the 90s of the last century as an open source DBMS. The system was developed by MySQL AB and the developer community. Then, in 2008, MySQL AB was acquired by SUN Microsystems, which Oracle, in turn, bought in 2010.

    After this takeover, active work began on MariaDB, which until 2014 was called SkySQL. The DBMS and the development company received the current name after the merger of SkySQL and the Monty Program. These companies consisted of developers fired after the merger of SUN and Oracle. The initiators of the development of the new DBMS were Michael Widenius, David Axmark and Kaj Arnö.

    Now in the Team MariaDB team, which consists of 17 people, 6 developers are from Russia This is the senior developer (Senior Developer in MariaDB Foundation) Alexander Barkov, tester engineer Elena Stepanova, architect Igor Babaev ), security coordinator Sergei Golubchik, Sergey Petrunya and Vladislav Vaintroub. There is another CIS representative in the team - Ukrainian Alexander Belkin (Oleksandr "Sanja" Byelkin).

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