IBM Corporation Records Patents in 2014

    Last year, IBM received the largest number of patents, namely - 7534. Thus, IBM broke its own record set a year earlier. In addition, the company ranks first in the United States for the number of patents received for the 22nd consecutive year.

    On average, corporation employees received more than 20 patents per day (for all, not for one employee). The number of patents received by the company includes about 3 thousand advanced patents from the sphere of cloud technologies, data processing, social business, security.
    “IBM's continued investment in research and development is a key factor in our company’s development, as we always strive to find new solutions in areas such as cloud technology, big data and analytics, mobile technology, social business and security. For more than two decades, IBM’s leadership in patents underscores our continued commitment to a research and development and innovation strategy that addresses the most complex challenges our customers and the global community face, ”said Ginny Rometti, President and Chairman of the IBM Board of Directors.

    As for the IBM Watson cognitive system and related project, the inventors of the company received more than 500 patents from the sphere of cognitive systems.

    Currently, the list of major US patent recipients (for 2014) is as follows:

    1. IBM 7 534
    2. Samsung 4 952
    3. Canon 4 055
    4. Sony 3 224
    5. Microsoft 2 829
    6. Toshiba 2 608
    7. Qualcomm 2,590
    8. Google 2,566
    9. LG Electronics 2,222
    10. Panasonic 2,095 The

    number of patents received by IBM in 2014 exceeds the total number of patents received by Accenture, Amazon, Google, HP, Intel, and Oracle. More than 8,500 employees from 46 US states and 43 other countries received patents.
    Among the most notable patents, the following are worth highlighting:

    US Patent No. 8661132: Service Virtualization Feature in the Cloud

    The user sets the specifications for the level of service and provision of services in the field of information technology. The specification is shown as an information technology deployment plan. Resources are allocated according to a specific plan.

    US Pat. No. 8874638: Interactive Analytical Data Processing.

    To facilitate the processing of customer data, a protocol of various records, requests and responses based on identification cards is used. Thus, the client can automatically direct work tasks to the analytical cluster, with the marking of actions on the server. As for the accelerators of planning the placement of tasks in clusters, they are indicated in the identification cards provided by the server to the client.

    US Patent No. 8903360: Verification of a mobile device

    To test a mobile device, the method and the computer program are used. The identification uses voice data transmission through a mobile device. The voice data contains a record of the encoded phrase that the user pronounces. If the test is successful, an access code is sent to the device.

    More details about the work of some inventors from among the company employees can be found at this link .

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