Google bought Odysee

    Google has announced the purchase of startup Odysee, the developer of the eponymous service, which allows users to archive their photos, as well as share their pictures and videos with other people in a secure manner. Apparently, such functionality may soon appear on the social network Google+.

    The service itself will be closed on February 23, Odysee has already asked all users to save all personal data. The purchase was announced on the main page of the Odysee service , the company also sent messages to all its users. All materials until February 23 can be downloaded in the form of an archive - the developers have formed everything necessary for each user account.

    For Google, buying a startup makes sense. Firstly, it has been rumored for a long time that the company wants to separate Photos into a separate service independent of Google+. If this is the case, then the ability to save photos in the archive, downloading them to your PC, as well as more control over sharing photos and videos - a great increase in functionality.

    If Photos remains the internal service of the social network Google+, then such a purchase also makes sense, because new features can attract more users. One of the features of Odysee - storing video in full quality and the ability to download all your video files is also in demand. At the same time, the service has a caching function, so that all viewed photos and videos remain working, even if the network connection is lost.

    But most likely, Odysee along with Photos will remain inside the social network, so Google+ gets more opportunities. At the moment, the amount that Good Corporation paid for Odysee remains unknown.

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