How many scientists do we have here?

    Good morning, dear habrazhiteli, habrachityateli, habraskopisateli and habrasozdateli!

    Many people know that just yesterday beta testing of the Brain Storage project began . I spoke out that I expected something else and the fact that they agreed with my modest commentary led me to the idea of ​​creating a small survey.

    The purpose of this survey I put curiosity - how many scientists, scientists among us, how large and promising our brain supply and how productively we use them. And suddenly, for a scientific breakthrough, it is true that we lack only a cozy, convenient, comfortable atmosphere and a place for communication and discussion of breakthrough technologies. Unfortunately, I do not have the necessary skills to create such an environment, but perhaps this information will be useful to someone more robust. Waiting for your answers and comments.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you do scientific research in your free time?

    • 15.1% No, I'm not interested in 697
    • 59.2% No, but I like reading about other people's developments 2731
    • 5% Yes, but nothing works out for me 235
    • 7.6% Yes, I do it as a hobby 354
    • 2.9% Yes, while I'm doing this as a hobby, but I plan to become a scientist over time 137
    • 6.5% Yes, I am professionally engaged (scientist), this is an important part of my life 301
    • 3.3% Engaged in scientific research before, but for some reason had to leave this field of activity 156

    Who are you for science?

    • 39.7% are not related to science yet 1693
    • 28.9% student 1230
    • 13.3% graduate student 569
    • 3.6% PhD 157
    • 0.4% doctor of science 21
    • 1.6% international Ph.D. 69
    • 12.1% Master 515
    • 10.1% Bachelor 434

    What area do you work in / in science?

    • 67.8% IT 1986
    • 28.5% technical developments (indirectly related to IT or not related to IT) 837
    • 4.6% bioengineering, medicine, pharmacology, genetics 137
    • 5.1% humanities 151
    • 15.8% basic sciences 464
    • 12.8% invent and study everything that comes to mind 376
    • 3.3% economics 98

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