IT person 60 level. What's next?

    Many of us have parents or relatives who are one step away from retirement. Although I’m only a little over 30, I suggest that you broaden your horizons a bit and maybe reconsider something in your life.

    In my article I want to tell you that old age is not a disease, but a period of an even more active period of life, and I will give instructions from Vladimir Yakovlev what to do if you decide not to grow old.

    Yes, yes, it was you who decided, because you are aging precisely because you expect it.

    And the main bonus is that you can increase the productive period of life by 2 times, and for a decent 30 more years (!) Or more. Those. in 60 years you will have 35-40 years of productive life, and here I will tell you how to save this productivity up to 90 years or more. Interesting?

    Attention! Age limit 30+, your psyche may suffer.
    Read the post at your own peril and risk!

    At the level of my age, I did not think that there were any global problems that would need to be resolved. Having visited the report of Vladimir Yakovlev, I looked at this problem in a new way. He did a great job of finding answers, how to live life to the fullest after 60. Is there any pattern among those who are constantly tormented and die from illness and those who lead an active lifestyle and die from old age?

    So, there is no dependence on where you live and genetic predisposition. There is a standard set of rules followed by absolutely all people who live happily ever after.

    So, I will use the list of rules and give in the course of the description my comments, adapting the text to our reality and subject area.

    1. Lifestyle - you must not stop working, and be sure to live off the results of this work. Here, a prerequisite is to do what you like.

    With age, the speed of memory and thinking does not decrease, but increases if you continue to use them. I think that all IT professionals from the very beginning of their careers have been doing what they love. When I started my career, such a phrase was popular: "you spend all day on the Internet, and you get paid for it." Build your career based on your interests, and not following the fashion. If you can not become a manager - do not become him, I beg you. Remember our Soviet cartoons, for example, Dunno. In this cartoon, everyone has their own role, there are simply no people, everyone does something useful for others. This is the essence - to be unique, to be yourself.

    2. Health

    Give up stereotypes of aging. To grow old does not mean to be sick.

    Diet: none of the centenarians is on a diet, the main thing is "eat to live, not vice versa."

    Wellness practices. We need physical endurance classes for at least one hour every (!) Day. It can be dancing, running, cycling, swimming, etc. Here, the endurance load is important, where it requires not a sprint throw from you, but the ability to relax during the load and strain just the right muscles.

    3. Attitude to life. The ability to take what is happening.

    You need to live in two sectors:

    A. Here and now - minute by minute. Do not look further minutes, for a minute, something beyond the unexpected cannot happen and you should not worry about it. There is no future, no past. Take care that right now you are doing your best. Abandon short-term management that you can calculate. By the central processor (the brain in the common people), work out as much as possible only the current moment in the next 5 minutes, then you only need a sketch of the path, and in the process of the path to accept all the changes with joy.

    B. Build long-range plans, form positive expectations from life. How to understand that the plan is quite distant? If you can’t rationally decompose action after action from your current location to the target with your CPU. When you do not understand how such a goal can be achieved, there is perfect remoteness. The goal should be one in which you are comfortable and you really need it.

    And at the same time, abandon the past. It has already happened, and you always do your best. There is no right and wrong event - it is only you yourself who colors it. It’s like driving a car and turning right only - it’s impossible, you’ll never come home. Take all the changes with pleasure, love yourself - change is a natural process. “Go and trust God,” the Bible says.

    4. Four adoption

    4.1 accept the next stage of development

    Fear is born when a lot of thought and little action. Continue movement and action, then there will be no fear and fear of change. Be prepared for change, expect a positive outcome, and be prepared for it. The weather will inevitably change, everything around will change. Make the right changes; they are always positive. If everything changes, then you can accelerate this process in the direction you need. Don't you like it? So you are afraid of change. Change this habit.

    4.2 health depends on us

    Nobody will do this for you - sports, dancing, movement and all - with pleasure. There is no magic, ordinary everyday work on your body. You must use it, all that you do not use is turned off.

    4.3 have fun when you are on your own

    Loneliness and solitude differs in which side the key is. Do not seek truth, God, a higher consciousness somewhere outside. All that is needed is within you. “The kingdom of God will not come in an obvious way, no one will say here it is here or there. The kingdom of God is within you, ”is a quote from the Bible. Learn to be an absolutely positive person, everything in the world happens for you, so that you feel good.

    4.4 do for yourself and not for others

    Everything that you do, you must do for your own pleasure. You should want to do this regardless of whether you get paid for it or not. It is very important to do what other people need, it is not necessary to make money on it. It can be volunteering or charity. If you can also earn income from this, then this is just wonderful.

    From statistics: on 04/04/2013 on the site actively searching 2,349 people over 60 who posted their resume, and only half from Moscow. As a rule, these are very qualified personnel, or very good employees.

    Also, interestingly, TOP-10, professional sectors where these people work:
    1. Construction - 116
    2. Production - 96
    3. Admin. staff - 62
    4. Top management - 55
    5. Accounting - 30
    6. Transport - 28
    7. Science, education - 27
    8. Sales - 26
    9. Art, media - 24
    10. IT, telecom - 17

    Jobs for pensioners are very few. For employers, I would recommend paying more attention to such people. It seems to me that their real potential is now greatly underestimated. I think that no one needs to be explained to anyone, that pensioners from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and especially from the FSB, are already employed long before their retirement.

    I hope I opened for you something that you have not even thought about. But now you know, and I hope that now there will be more good specialists and experts who do not want to go into management because of fashion and stereotypes, but only if you really cannot live without it, literally.

    Now, if you do everything right in advance, then increase the chance for an additional 20-30 years of super-interesting life! All in your hands.

    Wish you success!

    Thank you for reading to the end. Especially for you a bonus. as an example of what people can do:

    81-year-old Englishman David Latimer created the world. He did it like this - put a seed in a bottle, poured it and tightly corked it. For over 40 years, the miniature world of Letimer has been developing in a corked bottle. And she feels great.

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