Foxconn closes factory due to workers fight

    Foxconn was forced to close a factory located in Taiyuan (China), which employed more than 79,000 people. The reason was the mass brawl of employees - in total about 2000 people took part in it. 40 of them after that smoothly moved to the hospital, a few more - to police stations.

    A brawl erupted in one of the dormitories between rival groups of workers. It all started at about 11 o’clock in the evening, the police were able to take control of the situation only at 3 o’clock in the morning, when the number of participants in the fight reached 2000 people.

    At 5 in the morning the plant was closed, a complete cessation of production was announced. One Foxconn representative (Luis Wu) said that "the company wants to give people the opportunity to cool."

    What exactly caused the conflict is still unclear. Perhaps these were yet another discontent caused by the infamous working conditions at these plants. Or some kind of personal conflict has crossed all borders.

    Also, reliable data on what was produced at this plant was not received. Bloomberg comments on the fact that the plant released the iPhone 5, Louis hastened to refute. Most likely, this plant did Wii for Nintendo.



    It is reported that the guards beat the workers (thanks googol for the link).

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