How not to write business letters-3: “I can obey and I can subordinate”

    A year and a half ago, I published the bestselling book “ How not to publish business letters, ” six months ago I released a sequel - “ An offer that you can’t refuse-2 .” It looks like the heading is becoming constant.

    A fresh little masterpiece of the epistolary genre I extracted just half an hour ago from the spam folder of my mail. Probably, someone very unkind advised the unlucky job seeker such an exotic way of finding a job as spam mailing.

    A biopic under a cat.

    Moscow, 32 years old, of which all conscious activity in IT.
    Leading activities for over 12 years in different directions.
    In the past, a career officer, I can obey and I can subordinate.
    He was also a programmer, had his own boxed products.
    There was also Sis - Admin, contained large fleets of cars.
    Familiar with almost all software and hardware.
    Managed the projects. There are own projects. Technical Director for 6 years ...
    Creative and Ambitious.

    I will join in an INTERESTING and motivated work, I will build IT,
    you can start-ups (if funded, promising, interesting).
    In principle, without a big difference, the industry, the main interest in the work and the profit from the project,
    both for the project leaders and the participants.

    Paper - red tape projects with wiping pants not to offer.
    Seekers of leaders who will plow in person for all performers, also a request by.
    Interested in making money in an interesting way, the method does not really matter.
    Salary from 150t. bonuses, goodies, shares of the company are welcome. <there was a phone number> Alexander.

    If, after reading this post, you felt an acute itch from the fact that you needed such an employee - write in a personal letter, I will give his phone number :)

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