Do you use job aggregators?

    After n years, the habrayuzer will turn on the computer, and will see a notification: "You are invited to an interview for the job of your dreams."

    Already now you can receive a newsletter with vacancies according to the specified parameters, and not from one site, but from several at once.

    When I came across Yandex.Work, I found other services and began to deal with aggregator sites, the question arose: how much is it in demand. There are five adequate aggregators in Runet:

    1. 100works aka metajob
    2. Yandex.Work
    3. Rambler Work
    4. Catch of minds
    5. Jobsmarket

    In general, they all know the same thing, and they don’t seem to be going to compete with headhunter sites (such as or

    Or maybe they’re not going to go in vain?

    Hence the poll:

    Answer which aggregators you use and what functions you would like to add to them. Based on the statistics, I will write a post-report where you can dream up on the future of such services.

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