Google Chrome in Crimea is everything

    Tonight, for all residents of the Crimea, the ability to update / download the new version of the Google Chrome browser is blocked. When trying to update the browser, the system gives an error:
    The installation was not completed due to access restrictions in this country.

    Let me remind you that the Google Play service was already completely blocked. Of course, if desired, this all gets by using the same proxy / vpn, but the trend is obvious.

    The fate of free services, in my opinion, is also in question, there is no fundamental difference between the export of software and online service in the USA.

    By the way, in Crimea, Google’s position was higher than Yandex’s, now the situation will change.

    And Crimea will turn into a region of software corsairs.

    PS Now I'm worried about Firefox.

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    Does Russia need to impose asymmetric sanctions against companies that block Crimea?

    • 46.7% None. This problem is local, it’s not worth risking and limiting the capabilities of the majority of the Russian population in terms of software; use diplomatic pressure 2067
    • 37.9% Yes. Companies operating in Russia are required to respect equal rights for any part of it, in accordance with Russian domestic law. Restrictive measures, fines, licenses and other restrictions should be introduced 1680
    • 15.2% Difficult to answer 676

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