The Ministry of Communications plans to impose a 10% sales tax on software manufacturers

So, something happened that everyone has been waiting for so long - now the developers will have their own air tax.

On the new initiative of our Ministry of Communications, a special fund is expected to be transferred to which up to 10% of the volume of sales of software licenses in Russia for both Russian and foreign developers will be transferred. It is planned to spend the money on raising salaries for developers working in companies engaged in the creation of products commissioned by the state (catch up and overtake, yeah). But in order for the company to receive these cash subsidies, you just need to give the government a blocking stake (25% + 1 share).

What does this mean for the IT community?

Roughly speaking, the state crushes the entire private it-business, providing a choice of two chairs:
  • to give 10% of your turnover (mind you, not from income, but from sales volume) to a mythical fund, which automatically puts many companies on the knees and the brink of bankruptcy that do not have a sufficient margin of profit or some kind of financial pillow;
  • to give part of their business for the opportunity to participate in a fascinating Olympiad of cuts and kickbacks on state orders, giving out miserable semblances of BolgenOS under the sign of an “independent red-banner Orthodox operating system that has no analogues abroad”.

A side effect of creating such a fund is the final and irrevocable withdrawal of the it-sphere into the shadow economy. And if now there are only minimum wages in salaries for the purpose of avoiding pension fees, then now either companies will begin mass re-registration abroad (which can be suppressed and outlawed by the next Wishlist of the government), or they will withhold incomes and spend their finances through a cloud of gray schemes (Long live the Xerox boxes and barter!).


As noted in the comments, RBC writes
One of the organization’s employees heard about him from the Ministry of Communications, but the representative of the department, Yekaterina Osadchaya, told the newspaper that the ministry did not know anything about this initiative.
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I will be sincerely glad if everything that happens is an unreasonable hysteria, but we have to expect the worst in the framework of the current policy of the Russian Federation, foreign sanctions, the inexplicable craving of our government to distort any good idea (import substitution of software in the information age is necessary even for the defense industry) and fervently bring surrealism to life (forcibly to take money from companies and at their expense it is not clear what to do).

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