Preparing for release a decree to reduce the postal limit to € 150

    The day before yesterday, a draft act was issued on the standards for the import into the Russian Federation of goods for personal use, delivered by the carrier to the address of one individual, and the standards for the import of goods to the Russian Federation for personal use, sent in international mail to the customs territory of the Customs Union to one recipient being an individual. "


    Developed in accordance with V. Putin’s December message to the federal assembly, the act implies a reduction in the duty-free limit from € 1000 per month and 31 kg per parcel to € 150 and 10 kg per parcel (apparently, while maintaining the restrictions for the month). Public discussionThe project will last until July 5 (I would suggest refraining from insults and harsh expressions, no matter how deserved, in your opinion, they may be, in the hope that someone will still read all this). The text of the draft act and the explanatory note can be downloaded for review. I also remind you about the existence of the initiative on the ROI website .

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