Condoleezza Rice Joins Dropbox Board of Directors

    On April 9, it became known from the Dropbox leadership that Condoleezza Rice had joined the company's board of directors. Among the reasons that led to this, Drew Houston listed the details of her scientific career - in 1981-1987, Rice served as assistant professor at Stanford University, and since 2007 she has been its vice-rector. Rice also served on the board of directors of several other companies, such as Hewlett-Packard and RAND Corporation.". Of course, in the former Soviet Union, she is best known as the 66th Secretary of State for the United States, which implies that she ran the US Department of State from 2005 to 2009. It is most likely that in this way Dropbox prepares for the first initial public offering (IPO), and a person at the Rice level can be very useful in this.

    Of course, the response of some Internet users to such a decision was indignation. The Drop Dropbox website has even appeared on the Web , which briefly explains why customers of the popular cloud storage should boycott the service.

    The situation in which the board of directors of an American private company includes former politicians or, more specifically, representatives of a particular party is not the reason for this rejection. For example, Democrat Al Gore is a member of the Apple Board of Directors and is Google’s unofficial adviser-manager.

    The first on the Dropney Dropbox website is Rice’s political career details. As the US Secretary of State, she not only complied with instructions from above, she also actively advocated the outbreak of war in Iraq. In fact, Rice was an important part of Bush’s campaign to spread lies about hostilities. In 2003, Condoleezza Rice published an article in the New York Times entitled “ Why We Know Iraq Is Lying .”

    The war in Iraq cost 120 thousand peaceful lives. In total, it claimed 188 thousand , among which there were 5 thousand US soldiers and coalitions. More than 30 thousand were seriously injured. According to a study by the University of Washington , a total of 500,000 people died as a result of direct and indirect actions of the Iraq war.

    Rice’s list of “sins” also includes support for the Bush administration’s program to torture political prisoners. The former US Secretary of State approved the use of torture on detained suspects, and later lied about the extent of involvement in such programs.

    Her previous deeds, in principle, can be omitted, since they relate to politics. Much more important is the participation of Condoleezza Rice in surveillance and listening programs. She not only supported wiretapping and an extensive surveillance program without a court order and warrant, but also allowed wiretapping of members of the UN Security Council.

    Given the well-known details of the US National Security Agency’s system for fully listening to voice and Internet traffic and the role of Condoleezza Rice in it, there is no reason to want her to participate in the service, the purpose of which is to safely store user files.

    Drop Dropbox website calls for switching to any other cloud storage and file synchronization service, including, Microsoft OneDrive , SpiderOak , Google Drive , you can recall Mega , Yandex.Disk , SugarSync and other alternatives, or configure your own server using the PRISM Break list programs . It is also proposed to publish on social media services a message of disagreement with the inclusion of Condoleezza Rice in the Dropbox board of directors.

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