Osiris: A Decentralized Forum (Part 1)

    Now almost all services go to decentralization and P2P, many use P2P technology to reduce the load on the company's servers, and some to preserve privacy and freedom of speech.

    Both of these problems are solved by Osiris - A decentralized forum (or even rather a portal)

    I really dislike when the word "Portal" is replaced by "Site" or "Website" but in the case of Osiris, the definition of "Portal" is the best

    What is Osiris?

    Osiris is a decentralized forum working on P2P, the principle of operation is very similar to the Kademlia network.

    With its help, you can create a resource that will be available to any network member, and for this, a server is not needed.

    How it works?

    Osiris system stores all the information in the SQLITE database, and when you want it, it shares this information with them.
    Thus, the principle of a P2P network is preserved: the more participants in the exchange of information, the higher the speed and greater availability of information.

    After someone subscribes to your forum, he has the right to write new posts, create topics and so on - everything is just like on a regular forum.
    But each action is synchronized with all network participants.

    Why is the Osiris network not standard and why is it a Portal?

    The network allows you to both create and edit any message and any information on the network by any person.
    All information is stored on the network, both old and new information.

    Suppose user # 1 wrote a useful FAQ about video conversion, and user # 2 found a spelling error and fixed it in a post, all subsequent users will be able to vote for the edit and it will be accepted.

    Monarchy and Anarchy

    When creating a forum, you will be given a choice of the mode of functioning of the forum - Monarchy or Anarchy.
    In the first case, everything happens classically - there is an administration and moderators, and only they have the right to delete topics / posts and block users.

    In the case of Anarchy, everything happens according to the system of corrections and voting, as was described above.


    - You can not match the IP address and nickname on the forum that generated the content
    - Even with physical access to the machine, if you do not know the user password on the forum, it
    is impossible to deanonymize - All content on the network is signed with 2048-bit keys, which guarantees an authentic source of content
    - Private messages they are encrypted inside the network with asymmetric encryption, which prevents even the forum administration from reading them
    - the network uses random ports and traffic masking to avoid monitoring by the provider
    - you can write everything one on the forum without access to the Internet, synchronization will occur the next time you connect
    - It is not possible to remove the forum from the network when one of the forum users (or the administrator) is blocked, while there is at least 1 forum subscriber with access to the Internet - a forum exists.

    How to connect and test?

    To use the network, you need to install the client from the official site
    Windows / Linux / OS X

    Then you will need to subscribe to the forum (a list of some open forums is available here )

    Test forum for Habr on the network Osiris
    osiris: // | portal | 00000001DC53B7E870F989F71981995F107A1BF067F36AA1 | name = Habr | description =. |

    If the Osiris network interests you, then next time I can tell you about:

    1) How to create a forum
    2) What content can be found on the portal
    3) Change the design of the forum
    4) Subtleties of the network
    5) Integration with I2P

    Osiris is open source

    The code is distributed under the GPL and is located in the SVN repository.
    Thanks Self_Perfection

    Osiris: Decentralized Forum (Part 2)

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