Does a combat drone have pirated software?

    Not very fun :

    Intelligent Integration Systems (IISi), a small Boston-based development company, claims that their Geospatial Toolkit and Extended SQL Toolkit were illegally used in the development of the Massachusetts company Netezza, which in turn fulfilled the order of a government client. In the course of the subsequent trial, this was proved, as well as the fact that the Central Intelligence Agency turned out to be this state customer, and the software was intended for Predator drones.

    IISi is now struggling to stop Netezza from using their toolkits for three years. The most important and interesting thing, as the plaintiff claims in court documents, is that Netezza used a cracked version of the software, with cut-off functionality for targeting, which was caused, in part, by the unrealistic deadlines that the CIA set. As a result, Predator drones can smear as much as forty feet past the target.

    Obviously, this is what happens when someone wants to get a cheap order in a short time. Government bodies, as we see, are no exception. Any high-tech orders must be looked after by competent specialists.


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