Viacom secretly uploaded videos to YouTube

    Yesterday, several hundred pages of documents leaked from the litigation of the Viacom media corporation against Google (YouTube), in which Viacom claimed $ 1 billion in damages from the defendant for copyright infringement on video clips and television programs.

    The documents contain internal correspondence between the owners of the YouTube service and Google representatives, from which it follows that they all seem to know about pirated materials, but do not want to delete them in order to increase website traffic. Commented on the

    contents of these documentsYouTube Chief Lawyer Zahavah Levine According to him, the line of defense of YouTube is based on two arguments. First, Viacom has been constantly making active attempts to buy YouTube and has used the lawsuit for pressure. Secondly, they hired 18 media agencies to upload their own content on YouTube, then to use these materials as evidence of copyright infringement.

    Agencies specifically degraded the quality of the video so that the videos seemed recorded from the air. Accounts on YouTube were registered to net email addresses, and Viacom agents visited Internet cafes to download content.

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