GlobalWebIndex counted social networks


    According to the Vedomosti publication, GlobalWebIndex analysts calculated the metrics for the development of the largest social networks for 2014.

    The focus is primarily on Facebook, which has lost 9% of its active audience over the past year. At the same time, the total number of registered users increased by 1%. A decrease in activity occurred across the entire breadth of age groups: 16-24 (-11%), 25-34 (-12%), as well as in the Asia-Pacific region (-12%). In addition, Facebook received the stigma of one of the most passive social networks - about 40% of users do not write or comment on anything.

    Despite the decline, Facebook remains the largest social network. network in the world, with a monthly unique audience of 1.35 billion people (as of October 2014). Instagram, also owned by Mark Zuckerberg, grew by a fantastic 47%.

    Also, 50% more users began to use Facebook Messenger, but Snapchat, which grew by 50%, failed to overtake it. WhatsApp has expanded its user base by 34%.

    The most dynamic growth in 2014 was shown by Pinterest and Tumblr: 97% and 95%, respectively.
    All this is the youngest Internet audience - according to GlobalWebIndex polls, 39% of young users (16-24) use Tumblr, 37% use Instagram, 31% use Youtube, 29% use Pinterest and a quarter (24%) use Facebook.

    Users from the age group (55-64) use what they are used to - these are LinkedIn and Facebook, which dominate in this category. Users of this age, also, less than others have reduced their own activity on Facebook.

    GlobalWebIndex conducted its research in the IV quarter of 2014. The company surveyed 41,983 Internet users in 30 countries. The number of respondents included users from Russia, however, the Russian social networks VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, and My World are not mentioned in the report.

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