Top 3D Shop: how we have changed over the year - the results of 2018

    Top 3D Shop - the largest integrator of additive equipment for digital production, talks about changes for the year.

    Top 3D Shop is not just another online store, but a full-fledged integrator of equipment for digital production.

    In 2018, we turned 5 years old. During this time, we were able to increase our serious experience in the integration of Additive Technology and Digital Production equipment: these are 3D printers, 3D scanners, CNC machines, Robotics and other specialized equipment.

    The slogan “Your expert in the market of 3D equipment” is not just words for us. Each client's task is unique, and our established competencies and multi-brand concept allow us to solve the most difficult of them, taking into account all the requirements and wishes of the customer

    Alexey Schetkin, commercial director:

    “For high-quality work with our customers, we divided the sales department into areas of responsibility. Each entry request is distributed to the employee who has the best competence in the matter. At the moment we have 4 groups: these are online store managers, B2B sales, project sales, and also the tender department. We continue to grow, and we will continue to provide directions to the departments: dentistry, robotics, education, and so on.

    It is also important that we not only sell equipment. We have our own service, consulting, commissioning, production. The company today is like a living organism. Everything develops, new directions appear. ”

    Polina Lizogub, personnel department:

    “We have non-standard personnel requirements. The lack of specialists with knowledge of the 3D market and 3D equipment and understanding of this product led us to go our own way - we developed a course of adaptation and introduction to the specialty, passing which the employee formed the correct understanding of the market. Corporate courses and trainings contribute to the development of our employees, as professionals. The main features that a candidate should have are activity, the desire to earn and develop. For permanent employees, we have benefits and incentives, such as a company-paid English course and a travel allowance. ”

    Maxim Zhuravlev, industrial equipment sales manager:

    “I have been working in the company for more than two years; 3d equipment for me was something new and unfamiliar. At the start, the training helped me - trainings, master classes, and colleagues' advice. Regular joint meetings were held, the leader gave instructions. From the very beginning I believed in a product, a company and my own strength. Today, my average income is 200-300 thousand per month. "

    Evgeny Kopylov, industrial equipment sales manager:

    " I came to the company without any experience in the sales department. But with a technical background. He went through all the stages of growth of a manager in a company from an online store manager to a project sales team leader. We are constantly on the move - exhibitions, business trips, we hold our own events, such as Top 3D Expo. The desire to learn, earn, and grow, as well as the ability to work and dedication is the key to success. "

    Ilya Sviridenko, senior manager of the online store:

    " I came to the company in September 2016 while studying at the university as an online store manager. The amount of work was high, but the salary was consistent. My work as a manager was highly appreciated and set as an example, but I wanted something else, there were thoughts to completely change my profession. Reporting this to the manager, we analyzed the situation and considered possible options for development within the company, outlined a plan for achieving it. Now I’m a senior Internet sales specialist and I’m responsible for two employees in Moscow and two in St. Petersburg. ”

    Konstantin Lezhnev, Assistant Manager for Industrial Equipment Sales:

    “I had little experience in sales of equipment and project sales, I did not pass the interview for the position of sales manager to the company, alas. But after a while I was contacted and offered the position of sales assistant with the possibility of further growth. An experienced manager, who closed more than a dozen deals, became a mentor and curator. I see how I grew up during this time, and I understand how my career as a specialist in 3D technologies will develop further.

    Team spirit is what I like. You are not here alone. Colleagues are always ready to come to the rescue. Perhaps it will sound pathetic, but I like to promote additive technologies together with Top 3D Shop, to be at the forefront of progress. ”

    The Top 3D Shop team looks at the past year with satisfaction and is optimistic about the next. We will continue to develop the use of additive technologies and digital production in Russia, and are always looking forward to new, interested and active employees. Our current vacancies look at .

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