Kaspersky Start Russia: Future Projects Contest

    The only way to defend against the latest threats is to be one step ahead of the intruders. Therefore, we announce Kaspersky Start Russia - a contest for the fighters against the threats of the future. We suggest that you analyze what threats may appear in the world in the next five years and come up with ways to protect against them. We are looking for visionaries with experience in the IT-industry, ready to develop and implement the projects of the future.


    Do you have promising ideas, but not enough resources to implement them? Then it's time to submit an application: the best of the best will receive not only a cash prize, but also the chance to launch their project on the basis of the Kaspersky Lab's Incubator.

    We propose to pay attention to three areas:

    • VR / AR;
    • hardware robots;
    • software robots.

    However, we in no way limit you to these topics. If you see threats in other areas and imagine what you can counter them, we will gladly consider your ideas. When evaluating, we will consider the following criteria:

    • compliance with the topic;
    • the urgency of the problem;
    • the possibility of implementation;
    • experience and potential of the participant.

    Of all the applications, we will select the top 25 and offer them to the authors in a few weeks to refine the idea to a full plan. After that, they are waited for by two qualifying rounds and the presentation of the project in the final.

    The prize fund of the competition is 1 million rubles, which will be divided between the three best projects:

    • 1st place - 500 000 rubles,
    • 2nd place - 300 000 rubles,
    • 3rd place - 200,000 rubles.

    Cash prizes are shown without regard to personal income tax.

    In addition, we will help the winners with the implementation of their ideas within Kaspersky Lab.

    Learn more and submit an application until November 12, 2018 on the competition website . ( UPD: extended to November 15 inclusive! ) But it is better to hurry. The earlier the application is filed, the more likely it is to be in the final. Our analysts process applications as they become available. If the data in the application is not enough - ask clarifying questions for the full disclosure of the topic. Therefore, you have the opportunity to improve your idea at the application stage.

    See you in the future!

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