Sessions and memory management in the Vivaldi assembly 1.0.403.15


    We were late with the next assembly - rather unpleasant regressions surfaced, which we did not manage to overcome immediately. But it was not in vain that we gathered as a whole friendly team in Iceland in early February. Having received a boost of vigor from the harsh Icelandic nature , we not only coped with the regressions, but also prepared many new products for you. More about this below.

    Session Management

    Based on numerous persistent requests from users, we added a session manager to the browser. You can find the corresponding menu items in the File menu :


    The function works quite familiarly. Specifying the name of the saved session in the dialog that opens:


    In the future, you can through the same menu and open the previously saved set of tabs:


    Alternatively, you can open a previously saved session through the quick command dialog called by pressing F2 , entering the word “session” in the search field. By the way, this is so far the only way to open a saved session for Mac OSX users - in your browser version in the File menu this item will appear in the following assemblies.

    At the moment this is the most basic implementation, it is not yet possible to remove a session that has become unnecessary from the list and starting from a saved session is also impossible yet, but the process is ongoing and over time this function will gain new features. Naturally, your wishes in this process are crucial, so we are waiting for your ideas from you (preferably through the form of sending bug reports ).

    Optimization of the process of launching the browser

    This is our constant task, on which we do not stop working for a day. In this assembly, we made several important changes that allowed us to speed up the launch of Vivaldi a bit more. Please see how it now works and let us know your comments and suggestions.

    Scale for individual tabs

    In this assembly, we added a new setting, which was called “ Tab Scale” (this is not the final version, the translation will be adjusted in the future). This option is located in the Web pages section:


    This function works as follows. If it is disabled, then when zooming in on one tab, when clicking on links to other pages of the same server, the set scale will be saved for newly opened pages. If this option is activated, then all subsequent pages from this server will retain the default scale (which, I recall, can be set globally in the same settings section - see the screenshot above).

    Control over the use of memory

    It's no secret that for browsers using the Chromium core the main “callus” of this engine is preserved - a separate process for each tab. We are not yet ready to change this behavior of the browser, but we can offer something in return. For example, the ability to unload one or all inactive tabs from the computer’s memory:


    Using this function, you can free up your computer’s memory from data that is not yet needed. In this case, the tabs will remain open in the background, and all content will be downloaded from the network immediately when you go to this tab. We immediately warn that the function is damp and may not always give predictable results, but it obviously makes sense to try it.

    So far, this feature will please only users of Windows and Mac OSX, but soon we will add a similar feature in Linux (it actually already exists there, but for some reason does not want to work - find out the reason).

    Background page load indicator

    We continue to work on the intuitiveness of the interface, and the next novelty is the progress of loading background pages. This will allow you to see how the progress of the download is being carried out, and how long to wait.


    If someone didn’t see it, then this is a small animated progress bar at the bottom of the tab.

    CSS debugger

    And this new product will appeal to web developers. We have implemented the Pesticide CSS layout debugger extension in the browser code , and you can use it by enabling the corresponding option in Page Effects:


    And now a little about the new beta.

    You all know that we really want to release the first stable final release of the Vivaldi browser as soon as possible. And you want it too. But let's face it: for a full-fledged finale, much more needs to be done. And in terms of bug fixes and shortcomings, and in terms of functionality. At the same time, many users do not install test builds for themselves, continuing to use the second beta, which lacks much of what is, for example, in today's assembly, and which I would like to debug in the best way. Therefore, we decided to postpone the release of the final version for a while and again prepare the beta, the third in a row. We think it will be more correct.

    That's all. You can download the new assembly using the links below:

    Full list of changes:

    • VB-77 Session save / load / import missing
    • VB-8706 Noisy and slow startup: more work to be done
    • VB-2876 Make option for per tab zoom behavior: see settings
    • VB-12290 Add “Hibernate background tabs” option: not available on Linux yet
    • VB-9429 Background tab progress indicator does not work
    • CSS Debugger added to page actions:
    • VB-12824 [Windows] Random crash when closing context menus
    • VB-9327 [Linux] [Mac] Impossible to initiate mouse gestures on speed dial page
    • VB-2663 [Mac] Missing Swipe Back / Forward Gestures
    • VB-8583 [Mac] Change keyboard shortcuts using "Option" key: not normally used as a modifier in this way on Mac
    • VB-12825 [Mac] Remove icons from main menu: native OSX apps never have this
    • VB-12840 [Mac] Youtube fullscreen seems broken
    • VB-12566 [Mac] Lack of rounded corners
    • VB-12823 [Mac] Main menu is not always updated after all windows are closed
    • VB-11620 [Regression] Up / Down arrow keys do not move cursor in text of Notes and Bookmarks
    • VB-12850 [Regression] Cannot rename bookmark folders in side tab
    • VB-12970 [Regression] Bookmarks bar resets to root
    • VB-12902 [Regression] Navigation button menus do not always show up
    • VB-12822 [Regression] Write Your First Note message not shown
    • VB-12624 Modifiers + the scroll wheel doesn't work
    • VB-12767 Bookmark is slow with many bookmarks (delete and edit halts the browser)
    • VB-12906 Extension popup does not work correctly with ui-zoom
    • VB-13176 Bookmark bar drag'n'drop fix: further work needed
    • VB-2328 There should be no references to Vivaldi Cloud Print
    • VB-12675 Nickname on bookmarks doesn't work when it matches autocompletion
    • VB-3177 Ctrl + Shift + V double-pastes
    • VB-12014 Auto complete typed search missing
    • VB-11294 Permission settings (notifications, geolocation and media) not retained after browser restart
    • VB-13076 Tweak tab stack design slightly
    • VB-12547 Find in Page cannot be closed
    • VB-12675 Nickname on bookmarks doesn't work when it matches autocompletion
    • VB-13051 Close tab sometimes fails
    • VB-12828 Restore button shows "maximize" icon
    • VB-12860 Gap in tabbar when addressbar is not at top
    • VB-12657 Speed ​​Dial should be relative for tab opening
    • VB-12739 Add “Right of current tab” in tab settings for a Close tab
    • VB-10608 Lazy tabs doesn't work after minimize / restore
    • VB-12932 Tab stacks barely visible with "Color Behind Tabs"
    • VB-12927 All Tab Stacks are shown as Unread
    • VB-11548 Pocket extension doesn't work
    • VB-12382 In addressfield the ending '/' is stripped from URL
    • VB-5303 Note attached picture not displayed
    • VB-9704 After renderer crash refreshed page is not active
    • VB-12283 No stack indicator when tab bar at the bottom
    • Fast forward not checking all locales
    • Prevent Quick Commands position changes on vertical resize
    • Improved history autocomplete test

    We remind you that the weekly builds are test, so do not forget to back up important data. Report errors found at the previous address .


    A new assembly has been released - Vivaldi 1.0.403.17

    A button for deleting sessions has been added, the prohibition of duplicates in session names is enabled, a menu item has been added for sessions on Mac OSX. Well, and more corrections on the little things.

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