Jedi Escape: May the gyro come with you

    In anticipation of the hype around the 7th episode of Star Wars, Google launched a special thematic section on its website .

    The browser arcade Escape Jedi (eng. Lightsaber Escape), launched as part of the Chrome Experience, attracts special attention .

    The game works in conjunction with Chrome / Safari on the desktop + Chrome / Safari on the smartphone, while the main game takes place in a desktop browser, and the phone is used as a lightsaber to reflect blaster shots and parry blows in the manner of the PlayStation Move.

    The mobile browser uses the DeviceMotion API and DeviceOrientation API, synchronizing the position of the phone through WebSockets and WebRTC. Desktop graphics are rendered via WebGL and tree.js. The sound goes through the Web Audio API, and for the sake of immersion, the sound effects of the sword go through the speaker of the phone separately from the main game.

    To enhance the wow effect, most of the page code is available in unfocused form.

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