Report from RedSlerma about monitoring (Monit, Zabbix)

    The first day of RedSlerom passed, an intensive system administration.
    On RedSlerm, Southbridge system administrators tell what they use and why. Special thanks to Selectel for the resources to practice.

    40 people gathered at RedSlerm (14 in the hall, 26 online). Considering that we will no longer repeat RedSlerom, it turned out to be a cute exclusive small party.

    Compared with the first Slurm, there is not enough summer, trash and a feeling of sweaty and bloody victory over circumstances. There we were gathering in the evening on the veranda, opened laptops and beer, and sat until midnight. There was something in between a hackathon and a bard rally.

    Here we started on time and ended up ahead of time, because there was not a single delay for which we were laying a reserve. The bus flew from Moscow for 1:20 (and we laid 2 hours), the Internet did not fall, the sound did not disappear, the technical support unit immediately answered questions, in general, fans of the event action among the organizers already broke something to break, then heroically to fix. And before dinner, we went to the pool. That is, the orgs found an hour and a half to swim. That's what a good playground means.

    It's not too late to sign up for Slurm-2 (we start the Kubernetes cluster, October 25-27) and MegaSlerm (we create the production-ready cluster Kubernetes, October 29-31).

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