What good are the new Intel Skylake processors

    What the company itself talks about its chips, which comparisons are correct here, and which are not quite - let's try to briefly analyze the situation.

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    Marketing marketing, but Intel compares Skylake with chips five years ago. For this, a flurry of criticism fell on the company, including from major online magazines .

    Of course, against the background of its predecessor, Skylake looks much faster and more energy efficient, but if you put Broadwell next to it, the new product no longer looks so impressive. Only 10% increase in speed and only a small increase in work with graphics.

    We constantly quote the opinion of Patrick Moorhead, an expert at Moor Insights & Strategies. He says that such a comparison is not relevant for experts, but for the audience of the new product itself. It can be tens of millions.

    If you look at the situation from this perspective, then Skylake should encourage people to buy new models and replace their gadgets. Intel and its partners generally do not need more.

    A bit more

    Intel said that Skylake is optimized for Windows 10. In addition, they work with Intel Speed ​​Shift technology, which is aimed at a 20-25% increase in performance.

    In addition, the energy-efficient 4K video playback, which is very important for modern gadgets, because video in this resolution is exactly what everyone has already bought Retina displays for.

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