Limited offer: a cloud server in the Netherlands and the USA at a hosting price, cheaper than an IP address

    No, this is usually impossible in principle, it is cheaper than regular hosting and costs about like a dedicated ip! The price can not be so low because it is clearly below cost ...

    Oversell? Low quality?

    Do not guess, just the opposite. This time more and more pragmatic. The great cloud platform has been commissioned in the Netherlands and the USA at two Data Centers with premium quality. And we are ready to provide 1000 cloud servers at incredibly low prices in honor of the launch , thereby allowing, regardless of financial capabilities, evaluate the incredible quality and get a full-fledged cloud server in use.

    But the greatness of the new cloud platform is not in the number of components, but in how these components - physical dedicated servers, interact with the cloud environment, in how other Data Centers and operators interact with our network, in how quickly and efficiently you can deploy infrastructure on demand:

    - VMware ESXi hardware virtualization makes your cloud server a full-fledged analogue of a dedicated server, expanding functionality, increasing reliability and cost-effectiveness, Windows licenses for cloud VPS are available at reduced prices;
    - in the event of equipment failure, the cloud platform will restart your VPS on another machine without physical human intervention;
    - Your data is reliably protected and the best performance is provided, physically distributed data warehouses of SAN, enterprise class are used, using exclusively SAS and SSD drives;
    - The Cisco ASA 5500 hardware firewall will provide additional security and is available for all tariff plans absolutely FREE;
    - You have access to a premium network that provides uptime of 99.9999% and better connectivity with your visitors, direct access to 36 points of traffic exchange in 21 countries, 4213 peer-to-peer connections, 58 points of presence worldwide, the total capacity of network channels exceeds 5 Tbit / s!

    What makes the offer unique?

    - N + 1 redundancy at the ESXi host level, 2N redundancy at the software level, the use of multiprocessor platforms based on Intel Xeon 2 GHz and higher from leading manufacturers (IBM, HP, DELL), connected by a reliable multi-gigabit network, allows you to achieve the absence of a single point failure and provide instant disaster recovery, high performance and stability;
    - premium network without additional charges, your traffic is processed by two physically distributed kernels of the Data Center at the same time and always delivered by the highest level backbone operators along the most optimal route;
    - Cisco ASA firewall is available for all VPS without exception;
    - more optimal use of resources and the ability to install almost the entire range of server operating systems;
    - despite the use of expensive equipment and high quality solutions, a low price is provided, the opportunity to save on software (Windows VPS licenses are much cheaper)!

    ORDER A M cloudy Cloud Server SERVER

    Core (vCPU) 1 Core
    Memory (vRAM) 1 GB
    Disk Space 40 GB (SAN Storage, RAID 10)
    Port 1000 Mbps
    Premium traffic 4000 GB
    Firewall Cisco ASA 5500 included!

    $ 9.00 $ 3.99 / month

    Cores (vCPU) 2 Core
    Memory (vRAM) 2 GB
    Disk Space 60 GB (SAN Storage, RAID 10)
    Port 1000 Mbps
    Premium Traffic 6000 GB
    Firewall Cisco ASA 5500 included!

    $ 19.00 $ 7.99 / month

    If all this is not enough?

    We are the hosting provider , we provide exclusively premium quality services at the lowest possible prices. We have been working since 2009, we have accumulated considerable experience that has allowed us to meet the needs of customers at various levels.

    We are ready to offer solutions in the Dutch Premium Data Center EvoSwitch with DIRECT channels to Russia and Ukraine, the Dutch Data Center “Switch” (on this site the emphasis is on inexpensive custom built solutions), the American Data Center COPT DC-6-EvoSwitch, and also Singapore data center SIN-11 / Pacnet.Just write what you need if it is difficult for you to determine the suitable service, and we will try to find the best option for you!

    Read more about:

    Datacenter in the Netherlands
    Datacenter in the USA

    Thousands of clients have already entrusted us with their projects, which generate a total of 150+ Gbps of traffic only in the EvoSwitch Data Center (our main platform):


    Among our clients there are even several hosting providers, the largest enterprises in Ukraine, for example, Globino, was transferred part of its infrastructure to us in the Netherlands, and this says a lot, especially about trust, because the production process should not stop for a second!

    Our servers really give up to 10 Gb / s! Configuration recommendations here .


    In addition to cloud solutions for our customers, we are pleased to offer a physical analogue of dedicated servers with much more traffic - VPS (KVM) SSD / SAS , the main advantage is that each VDS is installed on OUR drives, other clients do not use them, all read / only your records, which allows you to use IOPS to the full extent without the risk of a delay in work due to the increased load on the virtual servers of neighbors in the node, because in fact they are completely physically isolated. Among other things, only SAS disks in the raid or SSD drives are used, which ensures the incredible performance of your storage.

    VPS (KVM) - L5410 (2 Cores) / 2.5GB DDR2 / 2 x 300GB RAID1 SAS / 1Gbps 15TB / $ 29 per month
    VPS (KVM) - L5410 (4 Cores) / 5GB DDR2 / 4 x 300GB RAID10 SAS / 1Gbps 30TB / $ 39 / month
    VPS (KVM) - E3-1230 (2 Cores) / 3.5GB DDR3 / 120GB SSD / 1Gbps 25TB / $ 39 per month

    A convenient control system for your VDS is also available, due to which you can reinstall the OS, including Windows , in one click , which in particular can be used up to 180 days for free by activating the test period! Also available is the ability to use your ISO images , reboot, the ability to observe statistics and connect to VNC.


    But that is not all. We understand that sometimes a server is needed "here and now" and a delivery time of 1-5 business days may be unacceptable. To this end, we have developed an instant dedicated server service. Among other things, sometimes we hold interesting promotions. For example, now available:

    Intel Quad-Core Xeon X3440 / 8GB DDR3 / 2 x 1TB SATA / 100Mbps Unmetered - $ 139 $ 69 / month
    Intel Quad-Core Xeon E3-1230 / 16GB DDR3 / 4x120GB SSD / 1Gbps 100TB - $ 209 $ 99.99 / month
    2 x Intel Quad-Core Xeon L5410 / 16GB DDR2 / 12x300GB SAS / 1Gbps 100TB - $ 209 $ 99.99 / month
    2 x Intel Quad-Core Xeon L5410 16GB DDR2 / 6x2TB SATA / 1Gbps 100TB - $ 209 $ 99.99 / month


    We also give a list of reasons why it may be beneficial for you to work with us:

    - support in your native language, round-the-clock monitoring and maintenance of your servers;
    - Platinum SLA for free;
    - flexibility in configuring and installing servers (the ability to reinstall the OS through the panel), the ability to order an individual solution;
    - prompt provision of the server after the order, sometimes instant;
    - providing, as a bonus to instant servers, the ISP Manager Lite control panel and basic settings;
    - efficiency of problem solving (there is a dedicated engineer on our sites, also data centers by default process requests of very large customers more quickly than small ones), the ability to order maintenance at the lowest prices;
    - more time to respond to a complaint;
    - low server prices, a variety of payment methods.

    We love our customers because they love us. We will be happy to make you happier. First of all, you are partners for us, and we are for you, and only our joint success will bring results. Contact us, we will be happy to help you!

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