Announcements of translations

    Today two translations of the same article appeared on Habré almost simultaneously:

    If there is almost no harm to readers from this (a second hitch and slight irritation), and sometimes it can even be beneficial (each translation may have its own advantages and disadvantages), then the authors suffer much more: the feeling of wasted time deprives inspiration for the future. In the end, everyone suffers: after all, at the same time, something else could have been translated, which, perhaps, will never be translated.

    On trackers, there is usually a section of announcements where people announce, for example, plans to rip some HD movie so that others do not waste time on the same. It would be nice to create the same section on Habré, so that translators could find out if someone had already taken an article for translation. The author’s name and the title of the article in the original can be added to the title to make it easier to use the search.

    I propose to vote.

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    Does Habr need a section of announcements for translations?

    • 74.3% Yes. 1374
    • 24.2% None. 449
    • 1.3% Other (suggestion in the comments). 25

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