Integrating My Circle and E-Staff

    Imagine that you have placed one or several vacancies on My Circle, and candidates begin to respond. You start working with responses.

    They need to be sorted: someone does not fit right away, someone will have certain questions, the answers to which will need to be remembered to receive. Someone will be a suitable candidate for the wrong job to which he responded. With some of the candidates you may have communicated before, or it was done by some of your colleagues. You may have correspondence with this candidate somewhere in the mail. Or somewhere on the server is his resume. Perhaps it has been “pumped” since.

    It is important not to miss all these moments, otherwise you risk losing a promising candidate or spend more time and effort on searching than you really need.

    In such a situation, recruitment automation systems come to the aid of the recruiter (Eng. - Applicant Tracking System). Of course, in order to work effectively, a recruiting system must be well integrated with career resources.

    Today we will talk about the integration of E-Staff - the oldest selection automation system in Russia - with My Circle; we did this integration a couple of weeks ago.

    Work with E-Staff

    The integration of our services allows you to create vacancies inside E-Staff and then from there place them on My Circle. After that, the responses of candidates for these vacancies will be automatically downloaded from the “My Circle” in the E-Staff.

    If you already had vacancies posted on My Circle, you can link them to vacancies within E-Staff and receive all the responses within the recruitment system in the same way.

    To get started with an integrated solution, you will need to perform simple steps, which are described in detail in the internal documentation of the system.

    Job posting from the personal account of the E-Staff service.

    In E-Staff, responses are not automatically entered into the database as candidates. They are shown in the intermediate list, and you decide whether to continue with the response or not.

    When downloading responses, the system will be able to detect that it already exists in the database and highlight it as a duplicate, with a link to the existing card in your database. A duplicate can be detected in a direct way - the candidate was previously downloaded from “My Circle”, and he has the same ID, or indirectly - the candidate sent a resume in another way, and the duplicate was determined by name, phone or email.

    Parsing E-Staff vacancy responses

    If a candidate is interested in you, you select him to work by clicking the “Place in base” button, and the candidate will automatically become attached to the vacancy that you previously posted on My Circle. If the candidate responded with a cover letter, it will be loaded with the response.

    Having selected a candidate, you will be able to continue to perform any actions, for example, send letters, schedule an interview, send his resume to the selection client, etc.

    View in the personal office of E-Staff posted on vacancies.

    In the same way, the E-Staff Internet module is integrated with other career resources , such as Headhunter, SuperJob, Rabota, Zarplata, etc. At the same time, publications and responses are managed centrally and in a single interface.

    Technical details

    For integration, the “My Circle” API is used, specially designed for working with recruiting systems. E-Staff uses the following methods of this API:

    • Job creation;
    • Editing a job;
    • Job placement;
    • Hiding jobs in drafts;
    • Receive vacancy feedback;
    • Getting information about the current user;
    • Getting information about current job openings;
    • Getting information about companies of the current user;
    • Getting user information;
    • Getting a list of skills;
    • Getting a list of areas of activity;
    • Getting a list of cities;

    Detailed instructions on the IPA "My Circle . " We will be happy to integrate with other recruiting CRM, write to us at (=

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