Master posture: stay alive

    Surprisingly, of all the well-known and popular posture correctors, only this one survived to this day: simple, not always convenient, not very customizable ...

    Nevertheless, it withstood the onslaught of competitors and the test of time with dignity. Correctly once again devote a few words to him.

    It was always customary to count posture correctors on the pages of this blog: we repeatedly addressed this topic, watched what was on crowdfunding , learned with interest what was new in Russia , were proud of the Lumo Lift project, which was supplied for many years.

    And periodically summed up in this niche, which was becoming narrower and narrower. This year it became known that Lumo Lift is leaving the market, and we have to admit that the “Master of Posture” today has no analogues and alternatives.

    What is it?

    Master of posture is an uncomplicated gadget that falls into the category of “proofreaders,” often criticized. Once we tried to stand up for them, proving that electronic correctors are no worse than any other simulators, which they are in essence!

    Their main task is to help a person develop the habit of keeping his back straight. They do not replace muscles, do not support artificially, or, in other words, do not violate the mechanics of movements by force.

    Externally, the

    Master of Posture is a domestic project of a businessman A. Artischev. Visually, the gadget is a small white pill:

    Its dimensions are slightly more than a five-ruble coin, which is caused by the need to keep the CR2032 battery inside.

    From the outside on the device is a single button, which is made in the form of an arrow, which in turn should look up. Which is symbolic, of course. Button turns gadget on and off.

    • Pressing once with the sensor on - the Master of Posture remembers the position of the back
    • Hold for longer than five seconds - pause or so-called sleep mode, the output of which again occurs by pressing the button once

    In general, despite the simplicity, the device is to some extent intelligent and able to distinguish between two teams.


    The back side of the “Wizard” is a cover under which there is a battery compartment and a simple vibromechanism. The motor and vibration feedback are in the upper part:

    Vibration occurs in several cases:

    1. A single vibration after a single press indicates that you have remembered the pose.
    2. A double response after holding the button for five seconds indicates that the “Master” is in standby mode.
    5. Fivefold vibrations in the event that the gadget recorded a deviation from the initially selected posture.

    How it should work

    The “master of posture” should consistently teach a person to keep his back straight. He does not give any recommendations regarding the position of the back: the user himself chooses the desired posture and remembers it.

    In essence, this is a pill both in form and in content: the course is designed for a month, and for 30 days the habit of supporting the back should be developed independently. For this, there is a required number of stickers for attaching the "Master" to the body.

    How it works The

    master of posture is a device for static use, and it will not work in motion. To understand that a violation of posture has occurred, it is necessary to wait for time.

    If you are in an unsatisfactory position for 50 seconds, you will feel 5 vibrations. You will feel the next five vibrations in another 50 seconds and so on. There is no constant reminder!

    In other words, the main category of consumers of such a product is people who have to spend a lot of time in a static position. These are, for example, schoolchildren who for 45 minutes with intervals of 10-15 expose their spine to danger. In any case, they are not yet accustomed to sit flat or follow this. Or office workers.

    How to wear "Master posture" The

    gadget involves two basic methods of attachment: directly to the body. There are special stickers for this.

    It is rather “sticky,” and the risk that it will fall off will come off - is minimal. But the stickers, of course, need to be changed, the benefit of them in abundance - 42 pieces.

    Under the clothes "Master" will not be very noticeable if it is at least somehow free.

    The second way is over clothing. For this purpose there is a special mount.

    This method is more suitable for women. The master should be located just below the collarbone, on the chest, and this involves either a strap or neckline. On T-shirts under the throat it does not look very right:

    The cost of a

    master's posture costs three and a half thousand rubles . HABRMASTER coupon will provide a 10% discount until Friday.

    Do not slouch!

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