Vulnerability in PlayStation 4 - the character set in the message for the user remotely turns the console into an almost “brick”

    If your PlayStation 4 receives a message with a certain character set, the console will simply turn off.

    And, it seems, for this, it is not even necessary for the user to open and read the received message. If notifications are enabled and the characters appear in the preview, the prefix will also turn off.

    Example of a message for “knocking out” a user:

    The manufacturer’s vulnerability is currently not fixed and is used widely enough, especially against players in online games, judging by the screenshots and threads of discussions from the PS4 forums.

    Link to the discussion of the problem .
    Update 10/15/18:
    A PS4 exploit appeared during the weekend.

    Sony says it is aware of the issue. “We’re aware of the situation and the planning of a system software update to resolve this problem,” Sony told VG247 in an email.

    Sony has said they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix. “We are aware of the situation and are planning to update the system software to solve this problem”

    It is recommended to change the console settings to counteract the vulnerability:

    - on the PS4 console: Account Management -> Privacy Settings -> Personal Information -> Messages -> Nobody (or Friends, if you trust them);

    - in the PlayStation Messages mobile application: Edit profile -> Privacy settings -> Personal information -> Messages -> Nobody (or Friends, if you trust them).

    If the trouble still occurred and the console disconnected after receiving the message, then the problem may be solved - you need to delete this message from the PlayStation Messages mobile application, which is available on iOS or Android. It is also desirable to reconstruct the PS4 database through safe mode.

    If these actions did not helpthen only Factory Reset.

    Another example of messages:

    Emogi something used in a message like this.

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