A group of petrol station employees who, using software and electronics, corrected and organized 5% under-filling at petrol stations were detained

    A little cunning about the usual program, of course. There the whole PAC was used with the implementation, R & D and programming of the necessary controllers and access with all the necessary rights to the petrol station devices.

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    “Employees of the Russian Interior Ministry’s office in the Khabarovsk Territory, with the participation of the Russian Guard, detained 13 suspects of fuel theft at gas stations using a malicious computer program,” said the official representative of the Russian Interior Ministry Irina Volk.

    Previously, the leadership of one of the companies engaged in the retail and wholesale of petroleum products, told the police about the lack of fuel, which was identified during an inspection conducted by the organization’s security service.

    “As a result of the operational-search measures, the police found that a group of workers used a malicious computer program in the control systems of the filling stations. The underfilling was at least 5% of the paid volume of petroleum products. Associates sold stolen fuel to third parties. At the time of the test, the program was turned off, ”said Irina Volk.

    The investigative unit of the administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Khabarovsk Territory initiated a criminal case under part 4 of article 158 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. During the searches, over 10 million rubles were withdrawn, cash in foreign currency, as well as equipment with which the malware was installed.

    “In respect of 2 defendants, the court selected a preventive measure in the form of detention, 10 are under a subscription on recognizance, 1 is under house arrest,” the official representative of the department added.

    Video capture and storage devices.

    In fact - the insider is very deep and the failure of the information security at the gas station data. Since at the time of the inspection, the programmed “sinks” were turned off by the involved employees themselves.

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