Joint online hackathon from OpenGift and Philtech Initiative

    This Saturday (October 13th) at 4 pm (MSK) we will launch the 7th online hackathon. The task should be done in python , and the participants will have 10 days to solve it .

    The hackathon will be held in conjunction with the Philtech Initiative - this is an open global initiative to develop and support Philtech organizations. Today, the Philtech Initiative builds a community, develops and disseminates the principles and methodology of Filtech, replicable and scalable tools for collaboration and open access to data and knowledge.

    Hackathon rules

    1. It is necessary to register on the hackathon page .
    2. Task details are announced to all participants simultaneously.
    3. There are 10 days to complete the task.
    4. Results are published simultaneously as links to an open repository.
    5. The best result is selected by a jury vote.
    6. The winner will receive $ 1,500, and a special prize from the jury will be awarded - a license key for any JetBrains IDE.

    Requirements for participants and results

    1. Anyone can participate in the hackathon
    2. The result must be published in the open repository.

    You can follow the announcements about new hackathons in the group .

    We will be glad to see you!

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