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Back in 2014, the Security Council instructed a number of Russian departments to analyze the security problem of the Russian-speaking segment of the Network. Active work in this area in 2016, when the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media published several amendments to the state program “Information Society” related to the protection of the domestic Internet infrastructure.

Then the ministry planned to achieve a 99% indicator on the transfer of Russian Internet traffic within the country over several years. This is necessary in order to ensure the work of the Runet in case of disconnection from the worldwide network. Well, at the end of 2018, a bill on the autonomous Russian-speaking segment of the network was submitted to the State Duma.

It was contributed by Andrey Klishas, ​​Lyudmila Bokova and Andrey Lugov. The authors of the document stated that the infrastructure of a fully autonomous Runet is needed to protect against external threats. This bill was a response to the national cybersecurity strategy adopted by the United States, in which Russia was called the organizer of cyber attacks.

The implementation of the idea, according to its authors, will not require funds from the federal budget. In any case, this was asserted when submitting the bill to the State Duma. But now it turned out that the funds will still be needed.

This conclusion was made by the government, which analyzed the proposed amendments. “However, in the financial and economic rationale for the draft law, the sources and the procedure for the execution of a new type of expenditure commitments are not defined,” the recall says .

“For the time being, we know one thing - that such funds will be required, and at present the costs are being estimated. Understandably, we need to present them also in dynamics. Because any control systems, protection systems are linked, among other things, to the load - and to the load dynamics and network capacity, and it is growing almost explosively now, and every year there is a very significant increase in traffic and power requirements, ” said the Deputy Prime Minister Maxim Akimov.

True, the officials supported the bill, provided that it was finalized for the second reading. One of the wishes is to supplement the document with the requirement that the equipment installed by the operator does not affect the speed of data transmission by this operator.

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