Webinar "Do you need Kubernetes" October 15 at 19:00

    Cuberntes is a branding technology. Those who do not know how to work with a cube, try to introduce it to where it is not needed. Everybody suffers: customers, admins, the reputation of Couberntes.

    Southbridge organizes intensives on k8s. We want them to come to those to whom the cube is really useful, and then work with it normally.

    October 15 at 19:00 Pavel Selivanov will hold a webinar "Do you need Kubernetes ?.

    Webinar topics:

    - DevOps as the right approach to Kubernetes
    - Kubernetes strengths and weaknesses
    - Kubernetes application scope
    - Operational requirements for k8s
    - Development requirements for k8s
    - Orders for implementing k8s (need for admins who know k8s)
    - Slurm: what Slurm-2 and MegaSlurm in mastering k8s.

    UPD: Record and decrypt webinar

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