The main thing is not to get into the mall under the reconciliation of hours

    Parking "Megi Khimki" and people waiting for them to be allowed back into the building

    Today, another wave of evacuations from shopping centers and all other public places started ( proof of Interfax ). We evacuated 4 points: Megu Khimki, Prince Plaza (this is a shopping center at Teplom Stan), the Beehive shopping center and suddenly our house club in Sokolniki at the entrance (because with the rest of the park).

    An interesting letter came to the office mail:
    05.02.2019, 11:00, “laki kak” <>:
    Good afternoon! Although what he is good for you after this letter.
    Let's not philosophize. There is a bomb in one of your buildings! The odorless bomb, plastic housing, metal detectors will not detect, dogs do not take into account.
    The timer is automatically activated from the moment you open the letter. The bomb was laid a few days earlier.
    Before the explosion, there are N minutes remaining. The bomb also has a remote control, we can turn it off, and we can blow up ALL of you before the timer ends !!!
    Good bye !!!
    The coolest evacuation looks in Megah. There, they first announce some kind of not very significant code that sounds like something everyday for visitors. For example, the “code of a thousand” is a threat of fire or smoke, in essence, a sensor triggering, that is, the beginning of preparation for evacuation. If it is not canceled in about 10 minutes, a fire alarm is already announced. As it is announced and canceled, you may have heard. Today in Mega they announced a “clock reconciliation”, this is a code of a terrorist threat.

    Here, under the spoiler, the headers of the letter are higher.
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    Then the guards with megaphones went through the shopping center and started shouting at everyone that they had to leave. At the same time, on the speakerphone, a record was closed about closure for technical reasons.

    This is done calmly, fulfilled and somewhat even routinely. Even the entire crowd of people from Auchan quickly got out (although there was almost no one there on Tuesday morning, we saw how they did the same focus at the end of December, and this is really impressive).

    All emergency exits at this point were open. For example, we have in Belaya Dacha (it was not evacuated today, but it was several times last year) a store on the bridge between two buildings, and the nearest exit is right next door - a covered staircase leads to the bridge, which you can go down to the open parking lot.

    It's cool that they prepare in advance, because, as we studied on the same aircraft, the most important thing in evacuation is to do everything right. Panic kills.

    Then the guard drives people away from the walls of the building and closes the entrances. Many different special services vehicles arrive, the building is checked from the inside, then reopened. People come in and discuss what is happening. The staff is often started before the 15-25 minutes, then the visitors, so that everything will be ready again by their arrival. And to eliminate theft from those stores where someone had before the seller, apparently.

    In other shopping centers, the procedure may be different. For example, today there was a case when the security quickly ran to the shops, shouted that it was a fire alarm, and it was not a training one, and demanded evacuation. That is, sellers do not have time to take warm things from the back room, and buyers may have problems with the fact that someone was paying at the checkout and did not have time to calculate.

    So that in the moments of the evacuation the cleverest people do not steal something, the sellers still try to close the cashier with a key and in those shopping centers where there is no requirement to leave the store open, lock the door (this is +5 seconds to the time of evacuation).

    Almost all sellers perceive these anxieties as a routine, since many exercises of the same kind are still being conducted. True, the time for exercises is usually chosen when there are almost no people. In general, this morning - it would be a good time for exercise.

    In this photo, people in Prince Plaza are waiting for when they are allowed back.

    From the point of view of you as a buyer, logically, you should act like this:

    1. Or roughly understand this steganography;
    2. Or just dump from the shopping center with incomprehensible ads.

    But the shopping center noticed that this could also cause a certain panic, and therefore there is still the next generation of steganography. Coming from hospitals. In the American hospital, the urgency code is indicated by color - “Doctor Brown in the third operating room, Dr. Brown in the third operating room” - the guy on the table in this operating room is not very envious. So, if the name is, for example, Zinovy ​​Zinovievich, you need to think. On the other hand, unfortunately, the guy may turn out to be the namesake of someone or the code may not be perceived by some specially gifted employees. Therefore, the "gold standard" - numeric codes.

    Evacuation often takes about an hour, it can take up to 2-3 hours. In the shopping center, the Beehive started today at about 2:40 pm, by 3:05 pm they were already allowed back.

    Last year there was another series of such episodes, we tried to communicate with landlords about the rent compensation. The mechanism there is this: it is not force majeure, and the action takes place not through their fault. If nothing exploded and burned, it is considered hooliganism or something similar. The task is to submit an application when they find a criminal (who reported on the false fact of mining), then you can already try to claim damage through court. Proving lost profits is generally a separate type of quest, so we just put up with the costs of evacuation.

    In Sokolniki, a letter from the park came to all tenants, no one technologically informed me anymore.

    Calls about mining occur as waves (for the second time), and they can be (this opinion, and not a fact) because someone is “nightmare” shopping center.An example of a shopping center Rio here . For a shopping center, any idle time is very expensive, plus people start to be afraid to go there and then go, which also does not have the best effect on the situation. And also different cafes stand out very brightly, which perfectly fry food and forget about the smoke - the fire circuit works on them, and everyone is sad to go out.

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