2-year free SSL certificates from WoSign

    Good day, dear comrades Habr.
    To write the article notes, I was prompted by the article: “Migrating to HTTPS” .

    I remind you that the Chinese on behalf of the WoSign company still give out certificates for free and now it is not necessary to know the Chinese language in order to receive it. The method under the article “Free SSL certificates for 2 years with support for up to 100 domains” does not work at the moment and the Chinese want from ¥ 488 for the certificate.

    I don’t see the point of describing a way to obtain an ssl certificate - the audience is savvy enough for this.
    I offer citizens of Habr to follow the new link https://buy.wosign.com/free/ for freebies.

    To obtain an ssl certificate, you will need knowledge of English, a working administrator box for your domain and 15 free minutes. Good luck

    Update: According to the comment below, WoSign requires registration https://login.wosign.com/reg.html . Thanks HarpyWar for the instruction.
    Register for WoSign

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