Anatomy Workshop .Net, Roslyn, CoreCLR, CoreFX, decompilation, hacking

    Surely, after reading the headline, you already realized that we are talking about CLRium, which has already been announced in Moscow (April 03-04) and St. Petersburg (May 29-30). But now residents of the city of Yekaterinburg can visit it offline .

    CLR ium - two evenings, the time of which is chosen so as not to distract people from work and planned for the weekend, entertainment and household chores. These are two evenings where a lot of exclusive material will be revealed that is not found anywhere.

    This seminar will allow you to escape from the household, which has become clusters to grow in our heads. From enterprise, web technologies and other things, other things that fall in kilotons on our heads daily and in production.

    The topics of the seminar are hobbies of its authors, not work. Therefore, we prepared it with great love for detail and want to tell you as deeply as possible about everything we managed to find out.

    What else stand out? At a price! For only 2,000, you can go to a seminar and, possibly, get a new hobby that will warm you up as a programmer and give you more than one day of continuous coding of a new extension to the Studio or digging into the CoreCLR core.

    coolA complete list of topics of speeches and registration links is under the


    Rolsyn cat.

    For most Roslyn, it’s either something unknown or incomprehensible. Why does Microsoft put pressure on the epoch-making of its appearance, and the Mono team immediately started introducing it in their own Studio? What will happen:
    • Development of an extension for introducing the concept of a tuple in C # (without intellisence support)
    • Extension for tracking code quality. Will track the spelling of steps for SpecFlow
    • Parsing support for complex refactoring
    • Analysis of Roslyn rules to support new C # 6 language features (not the features themselves, but their Roslyn implementations)


    In this topic, we will reveal in detail the possibilities that you face when using the open .Net kernel
    • Consider the CLR architecture available to us from source
    • We’ll build the first cross-platform application that runs on our own core
    • Embed in the kernel metrics of kernel performance that the application itself will read
    • Launch an ASP.NET CoreCLR Application


    • We will describe what its use will give us
    • Let's try to run a project on it and measure the performance of the application with and without it on a set of synthetic tests
    • Consider the scenarios when his openness, which is approaching every day, would give us advantages


    Many people say that the openness of the .Net Framework for the community and providing the community with the ability to freely make changes is bad and fraught with endless bugs, sloppy code, and an unstable API. Is it so?
    • The results of six months of open .Net Framework CoreFx.
    • Increased productivity from 10x to 1000x in some places
    • Closed bugs
    • The ratio of community code to team code. Net Framework
    • Let's try compiling and disassembling an application written under CoreFx

    Immersion in the kernel

    Using knowledge of the internal structures of the CLR kernel, we do:
    • Forwarding objects inside a sandbox without serialization
    • Forward the delegates to the sandbox
    • Exit the sandbox to an insecure application domain
    • Let's expand an object between processes
    • Let's build our simple JIT concept and implement it in the application

    Read about all topics and register

    • The official website of the seminar , where you can register for both online broadcasting and Moscow, St. Petersburg and Yekaterinburg.
    • Participation fee - 1500 for one day, 2000 - for two days or for both days - via online broadcast
    • It doesn’t matter whether an online or offline ticket has been purchased - you can visit both offline and online, if something happens
    • It also does not matter what you purchased - you will get access to the video of the event.


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