GDC 2015: a digest of key news. March, 3rd

    The second day of the GDC conference was a nervous expectation. Valve, Unity, Amazon, and Nvidia shared news and talked about upcoming releases. Read in our digest what happened on March 3 in San Francisco.

    - Unity released a new version of the engine - Unity 5.0 . At a press conference, company representatives spoke in detail about the technical capabilities of the new product . You can read about the Unity Special Event on this blog.

    - Christie Marx gave some tips to help mobile developers create narrative game designs.
    - Erin Robinson shared the secrets of developing the game Gravity Ghost , talking about the difficulties that the creators encountered during the development of level design.
    - Skybound Entertainment announced that they are already developing a game based on the Air film, directed by Chris Cantamessa and produced by Robert Kirkman, who worked with The Walking Dead.
    - Ethan Walker talked about how the developers of the game Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor solved the problems associated with the plot and design.
    - Flying Mollusk Studio introduced the Nevermind project:the player will go into the consciousness of people who have suppressed memories of terrible events.
    - Professor Ann DeMarle, in her report “A Narrative Game's Successful Addressing Gender-based Violence”, talked about how playing football can teach tolerance and help clarify the concept of gender equality.
    - Creative director of Hinterland Studios talked about how their game The Long Dark almost got lost in the wilds of early access.
    - Developer No Man's Sky talked about the vast world of this game. He shared a secret: in the game there is a robot that only developers see. The task of this robot is to fly across all game worlds (and there are many of them) and shoot short videos.
    -Minority Media talked about the game Time Machine for Oculus Rift: in it the player will look into the fascinating world of dinosaurs.
    - The developers of Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide introduced a new teaser of the game:

    - Ubisoft is developing a new game, its target audience will be people who are sick with a rare disease - amblyopia. Dig Rush actually looks very cute, you can play it in ordinary 3D glasses. Amblyopia was previously treated by wearing a blindfold in one eye, but the game can be a new medicine and help many people solve their problem.
    - Sony announced the approximate release date of their VR headset Project Morpheus. The device will be released in the first half of 2016. Read the review of journalists who managed to test the device here.
    - Pavel Micechowski, chief screenwriter for This War of Mine, spoke about the emotional impact on playersand how hard it was to write a story about survival during the war.
    - Rob Morgan, narrative VR game designer for Wonderbook: Book of Spells and Gunner, shared his thoughts on how a thoughtful story can make the game feel even more realistic.
    - Anthony Pecorella talked about the "Idle games" genre (games in which the player performs the minimum number of actions) and why this genre became popular.
    - Nvidia at GDC announced a lot of interesting things.For example, a new, more powerful version of Shield: now the device can play and shoot video in 4K resolution at 60fps. In addition, Nvidia is already agreeing to collaborate with a number of eminent publishers. For example, it is already known for certain that you can play Doom 3 and Crysis 3 on this device. Also in May, Nvidia will launch the GRID streaming service, which will allow players to stream games in HD quality.

    - Valve, as expected, did not announce any half-life. Nevertheless, they showed Source 2, Steam Link, Steam Lighthouse , talked about Steam Machines, which will be released in November this year and will cost about $ 400.

    Steam Link provides the ability to stream all Steam service content throughout the apartment. This device costs $ 50, and if along with a gamepad, then $ 100, and will also be released in November.
    The Sours 2 engine, free for all developers, will work with Vulkan (we will learn more about this today).
    Valve also announced Lighthouse, the new VR system that will be used with HTC Vive. Lighthouse can also be integrated into many devices, including telephones, televisions, headsets.
    - Amanda Lange from Microsoft shared interesting statistics about which scenarios, “good” or “bad”, users often play in games.
    Sony announced that Project Morpheus will work with the PlayStation 4.
    Mozilla announced Web VR Oculus Rex. The company also introduced WebGL 2.
    London Heist - a game that will demonstrate the potential of Project Morpheus.
    Xbox talked about the new ID @ Xbox games.


    Horror OXENFREE:

    A little gameplay of the third "The Witcher":

    Hyperdrive Massacre:

    And a little atmosphere of the conference:

    We remind you that the GameStop portal organized a live stream with developers, where you can watch interesting gaming news and listen to representatives of gaming companies.
    And on March 4, you can listen to a live stream about retention and engagement on mobile devices.

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