Warning, application ideas contest for Microsoft and Mojio

    Hello, Habr! Today we want to announce Microsoft’s collaboration with the Vancouver company Mojio , a Windows Dev Center partner and creator of an open platform for “connected car”.

    In the framework of cooperation and in the name of encouraging the development of applications for Windows Phone, both companies decided to hold an application contest in which you can become the owner of one of Visa gift cards with a face value of $ 1000.

    The participants are offered one of five categories:
    • Green App : Applications that help reduce harmful emissions from vehicles.
    • Gamification : useful software that helps improve driving safety through game mechanics.
    • Business application : programs and utilities that help organizations better manage their own resources (employees, time, money, etc.).
    • Applications for companies with their own fleet of vehicles : tools for efficient fleet management.
    • Special Category : Applications that do not fit into any of the above categories, but may be useful for Mojio.

    In order to take part in the competition, you need to record your idea in the format of a short video (preferably in English) and send it to the organizers before February 12, 2014. Microsoft and Mojio will review each of the ideas and announce five finalists on March 2.

    Winners will receive a $ 1000 Visa gift card. In addition, application ideas will be reviewed by Mojio for further implementation in the final product.

    You can find detailed information about the conditions of participation and apply here . And if you want to learn more about developing applications for Mojio, check out the Developer Center , a special section for developers on their website.

    The competition is held in line with the recent development trend of “connected cars”. For those who are not yet up to date, this is a term from the field of the Internet of things, meaning an intelligent vehicle connected to a single network to exchange various data.

    Ideas for applications can be very diverse. For example, an application for monitoring and operational assistance to novice drivers or a social application for tracking and discussing a traffic situation. In general, think about what you personally lack and offer your solutions.

    UPD: Mojio uploaded a webinar entry in which startup leaders talked in detail about the contest and how to take part in it:

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