Synchronization and storage of home photos / videos in the cloud

    Tell me, how does anyone store family photos and videos? Well, that is, I often hear stories about two hard drives, and how inconvenient it is to synchronize them too. Usually I’m in this place, I answer that after twenty years of hard-drive I will not show signs of life, and there will be nothing to see, to remember by the fireplace in retirement. Is there anything more reliable and convenient?

    Somehow, I tried to spy on someone on the Internet a good solution how to store and upload files in Gdrive / s3 / dropbox, but I searched poorly for roofing felts, there are not many good notes. About myself, about a year ago, I chose Google-Drive - then I was seduced by the price, at that time it was very shortly lower than others. But recently, the feature with which Google creates Stories based on photo collections has come to the forefront of the advantages in recent times. For those who are not in the know, hereStories , the meaning is very simple of the close-in-time photos creation and location system collects, something like a small slide application from photos. In general, to be precise, in my case the google-drive service is responsible for storing photos, google-photos is responsible for creating stories, and so google-photos has another bold plus that I discovered the other day - photo folders are available in chromecast. That is, happy owners can use the TV as a photo frame with the latest photos from their camera.
    In order to easily collect photos and videos from your DSLR and wrote a small python script, here github . Photos and videos are copied to folders of the month / day view, and then simply synchronized to the cloud using a standard utility. For video, the converter in avi is also used to reduce the size of files, otherwise native mov is almost impossible to download. I have been using these scripts for almost a year now - it’s quite convenient, I inserted the SD into the slot, I started the scripts and you don’t need to do anything else, the photos themselves are sorted, collected in stories, transferred to TB. The only "noisy" procedure is copying a video, which takes place with conversion and can be long on weak laptops.
    Sorry that the post turned into a Google ad, but so far this is the best thing that has happened - it would be interesting to know if something is more comfortable. Thanks.

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    How is your family photo-video archive stored?

    • 19.2% Two hard drives with periodic manual synchronization 149
    • 11.3% Google Drive 88
    • 7.4% Dropbox 58
    • 1.6% iCloud 13
    • 0.3% AWS S3 3
    • 22.8% Home NAS 177
    • 27% Something else 210
    • 10% do not store anything 78

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