Develop a mobile application and earn money

    Monetization of mobile applications
    You all know that you can make money on mobile applications in several ways, such as:
    • Initial sale of the application
    • Domestic purchases
    • Advertising
    • Etc.

    In this article I want to talk in more detail about advertising in the form of goods on the example of our Schotter project and how you can make money on it if you are ready to develop your mobile application and promote it.

    Why is it convenient for the user ?:
    • Banners are not imposed on him, we show only what the user is specifically looking for. For example, he is looking for Nike sneakers, and we give him this, in the form of specific goods from more than 100 stores.
    • We have many categories and various filters - these are brands, composition, parts, etc. - so that it is convenient for users to find what they need.

    This model also has disadvantages , but they relate to business costs, not users:
    • We have 4 people checking selected items from stores so that there are no errors in the catalog.
    • A lot of effort goes into creating special filters for different categories.
    • Through the CPA model, we / you receive deferred profit, unlike other forms of advertising - where they pay almost immediately.

    How it works?:
    • You develop an application and place goods in it
    • Using your application, people make orders in stores
    • And, only after the store has earned money, it transfers them to you.

    There are several sites that offer this type of advertising - these are affiliate networks , from there you can take goods directly. Examples of partner networks:
    • Actionpay: 150t products
    • Admitad: 200t of goods
    • CityAds: 50t items
    • Western networks: cj, link share, etc.

    Why do we offer ourselves? Why is it better to work with us than with affiliate networks:
    • We have united all affiliate networks on our topic (clothing, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, perfumes, for sports and at home)
    • Plus we have several direct stores
    • We now have more than 1.5 million items
    • We carefully select things
    • We have made many categories and filters to more accurately find things by users.
    • We know which stores and brands sell best and share this with you (partner networks will not give you this information)

    There is also a minus: Our commission is 30%

    • Make an application for a very narrow audience in which you understand
    • It’s better to take a girl to help you (in our business, women understand better) and a marketer (so you can attract more traffic)

    What else can be said about us (I will repeat a little)
    • We are Schmotter aggregator , we have more than 1.5 million products, we are working on the CPA model and will give you 70% of the income.
    • We manually, very carefully select and sort things by categories and different filters

    We specialize in:
    • clothes
    • shoes
    • accessories
    • cosmetics
    • goods for sports and home

    We’ll pass our API on to good hands, you can make any application and you don’t have to worry about content and monetization.

    We also invite marketers for cooperation who will help us earn money by spinning up our application - we are also ready to pay 70% of the income.

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