Building large missing parts of an image in photoshop: multi-gradient

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Good afternoon friends!

While editing photoshop in photoshop, I often stumble upon the task of the so-called “patching holes”. We are talking about the restoration of remote areas of images due to the presence of nearby edge, mostly smooth areas. For example, from the image where the bridge is depicted against the sky, it is necessary to remove this bridge, fill the hole from the remote bridge with a new sky, so that it coincides with the edges of the originally present one.


The task essentially boils down to building the image in context. The largest scientific and computational communities and groups have been doing this for a long time and for a long time, offering their wonderful methods. But personally, I am often saved by a certain “subspecies” of the algorithms of this completion, namely, the use of the so-called multi-gradient.

Of course, this video, in which I explain my idea in action and show an example of building and using a multi-gradient, does not pretend to be anything (I do not consider myself a great guru of photoshop), but I hope that it will be useful to someone or even will bring real practical benefits. As they say, it is better to see once.

Please suggest your options for building a multi-gradient. Thank you very much!

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