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When we announced that we were looking for a new home for CodeIgniter, we were practically washed away by a wave of emails from potential candidates (by the way, letters still continue to arrive). Before us, a simple question arose at first glance: to whom can we entrust the support of the framework? But it turned out to be more difficult to find the right answer - we could not be mistaken.

We quickly discarded those who did not have experience, rejected applications from those who did not have sufficient funds or time to support such a large project. We also refused to those who did not agree on a vision of the future framework. And still, there are many good candidates with sufficient strength, capabilities and good ideas. But one candidate still stood out from the rest.

The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), located in Vancouver, Canada, is one of the well-known and respected institutes of applied technology that teaches bright, kind, eternal about 48 thousand students. Their wonderful BCIT School of Computing and Academic Studies annually teaches 150 students a CodeIgniter course. Now they are the managers of the framework.

Dean and faculty support various projects using the living lab model, which allows you to engage students and give them practical experience. They have created impressive living labs in the areas of construction, energy and healthcare. This model is also suitable for CodeIgniter, and BCIT has the necessary resources and infrastructure for effective project management.

The project will be led by James Parry, a web technology teacher at the BCIT School who has many years of experience working with CodeIgniter. He will convene a steering committee, which will be in charge of expanding and improving the framework. This committee will consist of representatives from the CodeIgniter community, as well as some outstanding BCIT students with experience in commercial web development. CodeIgniter will be the subject of research for BCIT students, on the basis of which they will practice and gain experience with a real tool, rather than a greenhouse training prototype.

Perhaps this is the most important advantage offered by BCIT in comparison with other candidates. If you use CodeIgniter, you will greatly benefit from this management strategy. The success of students will actually be associated not only with learning, but also with the refinement of CodeIgniter to the level of an advanced framework in a modern programming environment. For all users, this approach will be a solid foundation with fresh views that you can safely rely on.

About British Columbia Institute of Technology

The British Columbia Institute of Technology is a public higher education institution with more than 48,000 students enrolled in approximately 350 programs each year.

As a leading Canadian institute of technology, BCIT has been closely involved in ensuring the prosperity of British Columbia in the fields of economics, social disciplines and environmental care since 1964, releasing over 150 thousand specialists who are ready to work over this period.

BCIT is a leader in applied training, provides affordable training using a mass of different educational schemes, allowing you to gain relevant skills in a wide range of disciplines, including information technology, business, shipbuilding, oil and gas production and refining, healthcare, applied research, media and engineering.

From translator

I remember the disturbing mood that arose in the CodeIgniter user community when, in July 2013, EllisLab announced its intention to transfer the framework to someone for service. Already by that time, a feeling was slowly emerging that the project was “bending”, and after the news came out, many with chagrin began to think about switching to other frameworks, or even other languages ​​in general (I still remember my mood, close to “life is over , I'm going to learn Python "). But the latest news made it clear that life goes on.

In our company, this framework is used to solve some internal problems, and we, like the numerous interested hub community (and the CodeIgniter hub has almost 70 thousand subscribers), sincerely hope that a good project will be worthy of development, and that the new leadership will inspire a new one in it a life. To a large ship - a large torpedo, a great voyage.

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